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One day, a lady who was highly educated and a partner in a successful law firm got badly hurt in a car accident. As a result of an operation she received an infection that traveled to her spine. She was paralyzed from the waist down and reached a point where she had only a few weeks to live.

This lady believed in God and had prayed for deliverance many times. The only apparent result was that she had accumulated ten million dollars in medical expenses, her health had continued to decline and she was at the point of dying. Her husband bought a motor home so they could travel and be together the last days of her life and she was able to view the countryside from her bed.

One night when they pulled into a town along the way, her husband found someone to give his wife a massage as a special present for her 41st birthday. During the massage the masseuse said out of the blue, you don’t have to die. This was God’s answer to her prayers, but she didn’t immediately recognize it.

Many times we expect a supernatural deliverance like the man who is floating down the river on the top of his house after the dam broke upstream. He prayed for help and God sent someone in a boat, but the man said no, I am waiting for God to deliver me and he ended up drowning as the house finally submerged under the water.

So when the masseuse in our story tells the woman that she can live and get well by getting all negativity out of her life, her response was, “but I am a positive person.” She had tried everything else however and her husband encouraged her to give it a try, so she began making note of every possible source of negativity in her life.

She discovered some anger and bitterness that she had not forgiven. She discovered that newspapers and television were sources of much negativity. She thought of family members and friends that were negative.

After making a detailed evaluation of all negativity, she began to remove the sources of negativity from her life. She switched off Yahoo, television, and even the radio. She called friends and relatives she thought were negative and told them she was going through a special therapy and told them she might not be able to contact them for a while if ever again.

She said this was the hardest thing she had ever done. The most challenging thing is she couldn’t talk about anything negative or talk with anyone that was negative, including family members.

Whenever you have a hard time forgiving someone, remember that Christ called out from the cross, forgive them for they know not what they do. Those who have offended you truly didn’t understand from an eternal perspective what they were doing. So stop considering the attitude of others and start considering your own attitude. Let go of the offenses of others. Let go and let God and when you do God can fix everything. When you get rid of all negativity in your life, everything will turn positive. (See Forgiveness)

So this lady began to mentally forgive everyone who had ever offended her. Gradually she could move her legs and after about a year she threw away her wheel chair. She then began public speaking and was back to working 20 hours a day at the things she loves doing.

The contrast to this story is I know of a pastor who is in a wheelchair with some incurable back problem. He is a very negative person and is not willing to give up his negativity. He doesn’t understand the word of God and is trying to teach it to others.

Christ’s message was not how to get us into heaven, but how to get the kingdom of God into us. The way to get heaven into you is through correct thinking. When you let go of hatred, bitterness, unforgiveness and all negativity, you will let God into your life and you will become a citizen of the kingdom of God, where your health will return, money will flow to you easily and abundantly and your relationships will blossom.

You might be thinking it is hard to give up negativity and that thought is even negative. I challenge you to try it and you can do it through a daily practice of faith. Bottom line, it is a lot easier to give up negativity than it is to live outside of the kingdom of God.

Werner Erhard said, what you let be, will let you be, but what you possess will possess you. And Charlie Tremendous Jones said, you will be the same tomorrow as you are today except for the books you read and the people you associate with.

Whenever you watch television or listen to the radio, you are associating with negative people, hearing negative words and you can’t help but be negative.

There is no other path than faith for whenever you fail to exercise faith you are working outside of the kingdom of God and living in sin. It is sin to think and speak of negative things. Furthermore without faith it is impossible to please God.

When you get rid of all that is negative in your life, your heart can no longer condemn you, for it is out of the abundance of the heart that your mouth speaks and it is your negative words that condemn you.

So get rid of unforgiveness; no longer render evil for evil. Rejoice in knowing that you now have the power to change every situation. Pray without ceasing and in everything give thanks.

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