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Hydrogen is a very important element in human health and almost nobody is getting in their diets.

The only way you get hydrogen in your food is to pick it fresh from your garden or orchard and eat it within a couple of hours. To explain this in layman’s terms, fruit and vegetables are basically plugged into an electrical current when attached to a plant or a tree.

Hydrogen has one single electron that is negatively charged. The plants receive this charge from the earth, which is also negatively charged. The moment a fruit or vegetable is picked, it is like unplugging an appliance from the electrical outlet.

Hydrogen is a very unstable element and being lighter than air, it starts evaporating from the food source and within a few hours is totally gone.

PH stands for potential of hydrogen and hydrogen is necessary for maintaining proper pH (acid/alkaline) balance.

Hydrogen is also a powerful free radical scavenger among other things. Free radicals are positively charged and they are seeking to steal a negative electron wherever they can find one. If we don’t have plenty of antioxidants, they attack our cells and destroy the DNA.

ShopFreeMart products that have antioxidant properties include Siaga, and Vitalize.

You may also want to consider using your green thumb to plant a garden. Many people are starting to allocate a room in their house or use part of their garage to create a hydroponic garden. A surprisingly small space can supply you with all of the fresh vegetables that your family can possibly eat.

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