Living on Light

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by John Austin

Two years ago I read a book entitled Living On Light by Jasmuheen.

She started what she refers to “the 21 day transition to living on light” in 1993 and since that time does not receive her nutrition from physical food; although occasionally she will eat a soup broth or consume a small amount of food for enjoyment.

After reading her book, I decided to give it a try as many people have. Most return to eating food after going through this process; not because they have to, but they do it as a matter of preference.

I personally went 53 days after which I began eating again. During the 53 days I lost 40 pounds in body weight, but to my amazement, I gained back 10 of those pounds while “living on light” before returning to solid food.

The rest of this chapter has been moved to another server. It is rather long and quite deep for someone who is not well exercised in the Spirit. However, if you feel like the Spirit is telling you to read it, I will be happy to send you that link. Please send an email to  requesting this information.

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