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Burns occur from the sun, radiation, x-rays, fire, heat, and from other chemicals in our environment. Pure Silver Concentrate is at its very best when it’s used to treat a burn. It reduces pain and inflammation and improves wound healing. Pure Silver Concentrate liquid can be frequently sprayed on the burn or used to soak the burn. A significant reduction in pain, inflammation and tissue damage will be visible in the first hour.

Pure Silver Concentrate will get into the wound very quickly and kill bacteria that causes infection, scarring and prevents healing, but needs to be reapplied every few hours. Take 1-2 droppers of ShopFreeMart Pure Silver Concentrate 3x daily until the burn is gone.

ShopFreeMart PureGold helps repair DNA, which helps to properly replicate all of the cells in the body including bone, cartilage, muscles, skin, organs and nerves. Siaga is also very helpful in cell regeneration.

A woman’s experience with burns:

Some time ago I was cooking some corn and stuck my fork in the boiling water to see if the corn was ready. I missed and my hand went into the boiling water. A friend of mine, who was a Vietnam vet, came into the house, just as I was screaming and asked me if I had some plain old flour. I pulled out a bag and he stuck my hand in it. He told me to keep my hand in the flour for 10 minutes which I did. He said that in Vietnam, there was a guy on fire and in their panic, they threw a bag of flour all over him to put the fire out. As it turned out, it not only put the fire out, but he never even had a blister!

Long story short, I put my hand in the bag of flour for 10 minutes, pulled it out and did not even have a red mark or a blister and absolutely NO PAIN. Now, I keep a bag of flour in the fridge and every time I burn myself, I go for the flour. And I discovered that “cold” flour feels even better on a burn than flour at room temperature.

I use the flour several times and have never ONCE had even a red spot, scar or blister! I even burnt my tongue once, put the flour on it for about 10 minutes; the pain was gone and no burn.

BTW, don’t run your burn area under cold water first; just put it directly into the flour for 10 minutes. Keep a bag of flour in your fridge and you will be happy you did!

My personal experience:

Years ago, my five-year-old daughter was trying to remove a pan of boiling water from the stove and spilled it across her shoulder and down her chest. Almost immediately a large patch of skin about 9 inches in diameter sloughed off from her chest. She was in a lot of pain and the normal thing to do would be to rush her to the emergency room.

Instead we applied an alkaline mineral gel to neutralize the “acid” pain. Immediately the pain subsided and by the following day, she was pain free as long as she didn’t touch it. Within two weeks she was completely healed with new skin and absolutely no scarring.

The “alkaline” minerals in the product we used, neutralized the acid that causes the pain following being burned and it also killed any bacteria that may have otherwise infected the burned area, which allowed the area to heal quickly, without scarring.

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