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Breathing Therapy: The nose has a left and a right nostril. Although we use both to inhale and exhale, they each have a different function. Some cultures have long recognized this fact and have used the symbol of the sun to represent the right nostril and the moon to represent the left nostril.

During a headache, close your right nostril and use your left nostril to breathe.

In about 5 minutes, your headache will be gone. If you feel tired, just reverse, close your left nostril and breathe through your right nostril. After a few minutes you will feel your mind will feel refreshed.

Right side belongs to ‘hot’, so it gets heated up easily and left side belongs to ‘cold’.

Most females breathe with their left nostrils, so they get “cooled off” faster.

Most of the guys breathe with their right nostrils, they get worked up.

You may begin to pay attention the moment you wake up to see which nostril is more open and thus takes in air faster. If the left is faster, you will feel tired. So, close your left nostril and use your right nostril for breathing, you will feel refreshed quickly.

This can be taught to children, but it is more effective when practiced by adults.

A college student suffered with headaches literally every night and she took prescription pain killers from her doctor, but they didn’t really help. Her studies and grades suffered as a result of the headaches.

She then heard about this breathing therapy and decided to try it. She closed her right nostril and breathed through her left nostril for five minutes. In less than a week, her headaches were gone!

Headaches have an underlying problem with toxins in the body. The exercise above no doubt helps to burn toxins out of the brain by providing more oxygen. However, to speed up the process of burning toxins and also to provide a whirlwind of oxygen to all of the cells of the body See Breathing Exercises.

Migraine headaches are a symptom, never a cause. Migraines involve iron overload, insulin/leptin resistance, sluggish bowel, and a compromised intestinal tract.

Headaches are usually associated with stomach problems. Ginger spice is one of the best things to calm an upset stomach and take care of a headache. When I was growing up, my mother would make ginger tea for me whenever I had an upset stomach or headache, which almost always took care of the problem.

Instructions mix 1/2 tsp. of powered ginger in a cup of warm water.

Constipation / backed up colon is another cause of headaches. There is an area of the colon that is directly related to the brain and when this part of the colon gets backed up with fecal material, headaches are certain.

To cleanse and move the colon, mix one tsp. of Celtic, Himalayan or Redmond salt into a tall glass of warm water and drink it down. Some cultures make a practice of doing this first thing every morning and people who do this almost never suffer from colon problems, headaches or any other diseases for that matter.

Also, magnesium is the mineral that keeps the bowel moving normally and healthily and it is the mineral that helps prevent many other symptoms from heart failure to diabetes and it is required for every single function of the body.

In fact, a total depletion of magnesium will kill you as quickly as a total depletion of oxygen, so be sure to daily supplement with magnesium no mater what other supplements you may take. ShopFreeMart Pure Mag Concentrate is the brand I use and recommend, because it crosses the blood brain barrier, supporting healthy brain function, where most magnesium supplements do not.

Dehydration is perhaps the single greatest cause of headaches. When cells in the brain are fully hydrated, they are plump like a freshly picked grape. When they get dehydrated you will typically begin to suffer from headaches, mental fog and perhaps eventually even brain tumors.

Try drinking one gallon (4-liters) of distilled water with ShopFreeMart Hydration Drops for a period of 30 days and many if not all of your brain symptoms will diminish or even disappear.

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