It’s Not Over – Poem

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by Ty Gray-EL 2017

In Isaiah fifty two and six
We here the voice of Jehovah
They will know my name
they will see again
And they will know that its not over

When Noah forewarned of the flood
And declared the earth be washed over
Those who rebelled
Faced a watery hell
But for him and his it was not over

When Abraham offered up Issac
and prepared his son to hand over
God’s angel cried out
because you are devout
for you and yours it is not over

When Gideon blew his horn
The Midianites cowed and fell over
But the Israelites knew
when the trumpet blew
God had decreed its not over

When Shadrach faced the fire
And the furnace flaming over
Meshach’s absence of grief
And Abednigo’s belief
Assured them it was not over

When the widow of Naine saw Jesus
Bring back her son who passed over
She was not surprised
When she saw him rise
Her faith proving it is not over

And when they laid our Lord in the tomb
Many believed he’d passed over
Yet the despite the death blows
On the third day he rose
Proving again its not over

So when Satan attempts to bribe you
And tries your mind to take over
Remember Isaiah’s verse
That it could be worse
And it’s not over till God says its over

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