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Your spleen is an organ above your stomach and under your ribs on your left side. It is about as big as your fist.

The spleen is part of your lymphatic system and has some important functions involving blood cells within the body.

It controls the amount of blood in your body and helps keep your bodily fluids in balance.

It filters blood and removes old and damaged red blood cells, bacteria, and other particles as they pass through the maze of blood vessels within the spleen.

It produces lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell that produces antibodies, fights germs and assists immune system.

Certain diseases might cause your spleen to swell. You can also damage or rupture your spleen in an injury, especially if it is already swollen. If your spleen is too damaged, you might need surgery to remove it. You can live without a spleen, however, your body will lose some of its ability to fight infections.

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