Good Story

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Once there was a king in Africa who had a very dear friend. They grew up together and were bosom buddies all of their lives.

The king’s friend had the habit of saying “that is good” to every experience that came his way. One day the king and his friend were out hunting. The friend reloaded the rifles each time the king fired a shot. Something went wrong with one of the guns and as the king pulled the trigger, the gun exploded, dismembering the king’s thumb.

The friend examined the king’s hand and remarked “that is good.” The king said “that is not good,” and had his friend thrown in jail. About a year later, the king was hunting in an area where he shouldn’t have been hunting and he was captured by cannibals.

The cannibals had him tied up, had a huge bonfire going and were preparing to roast him. One of the cannibals noticed that the king was missing a thumb and because they had the habit of eating nothing that was less than perfect, they untied the king and let him go free.

The king then realized that it was indeed “good” that he was missing a thumb. The king promptly visited his friend, let him out of jail and profusely apologized for locking him up. Whereupon his friend immediately replied, “that is good.”

The king then asked his friend, “what could be good about spending a year of your life in prison?” The friend then said, “if I hadn’t been in prison, I would have been hunting with you and I have all of my body parts.”

Moral to the story: We create our future by the words we speak today. Whenever we say that an experience is bad, sure enough it turns out that way. Whenever we say “that is good.” Sure enough it turns out for our good.

To postulate what may have happened if the king’s friend had said “that is bad” instead of “that is good” when he was thrown in prison…….

The king may have been killed by a lion or tiger, eaten by the cannibals, or died in some other way, in which case he would have spent the rest of his life in jail.

The fact that he said “that is good,” put good things in motion that eventually brought good back to him and ultimately spared his life.

I love this story and I try to make it a daily habit to live this by principle. After all, “All things work for good to those who love the Lord.”

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