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As a Christian Pastor, I have learned that I can find goodness in practically anyone or anything if I look hard enough. Likewise, I have never met a person that can’t teach me something, if I am open to learn. The scripture says, “There needs be opposition in all things.” Simply put, there are two sides of every coin; there is good and bad in every person, faith and creed and since “truth is independent” from its source, I have learned to accept truth no matter where I find it.

Kindness involves “accepting” others for whatever goodness they may have and realizing that all humanity is the offspring of one loving God and that each of us is on the same path.

Charity does not seek her own and kindness does not gloat over the fact that you may believe you are farther down the universal path than one of your brothers or sisters.

Paul of Tarsus defines love as being “patient and kind..

Kindness blooms from the souls of mature souls. Kindness is a “fruit” of the spirit and is a spark of divinity; a sign that God is living in you.

What does it mean to be kind? To be kind is to understand that we are all offspring of the same loving God and that he loves each of his children equally. Kindness manifests itself though the awareness of human similarities in feelings and needs. Like compassion, kindness is a profound human feeling often prompted by the pain of others.

“There is no they, only us. We are part of a large fellowship called the human race. We all hurt the same. We all love the same. We all bleed the same. We all need understanding and care. We can’t separate ourselves from one another. We are all part of the same vast sea of love, one indivisible divine mind.” ~Marianne Williamson

Kindness is like a fresh breeze that relieves the aching muscles of tired souls after a hard day’s labor. Kindness can restore hope to a struggling heart though a single act.

“Kindness is one of the jewels that adorn one’s soul. Kindness is more than a deed. It is an attitude, an expression, a look, and a touch. It is anything that lifts another person.” ~ C. Neil Strait

Kindness is a catalytic factor that awakens dormant souls and activates a “higher” heart vibration and vibrating at higher frequencies can open doors of your soul that you never knew existed. One act of kindness raises the vibration of the entire planet and is an essential element in the process of collective ascension.

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echoes are truly endless.” ~Mother Teresa

“What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness? ~Jean Jacques Rousseau

“Blessed is he who speaks a kindness; thrice blessed is he who repeats it.” ~Arabian Proverb

Aristotle defines kindness as an act of “helpfulness towards someone in need, expecting nothing in return.” Kindness is considered to be one of the seven Spiritually Divine Virtues. Kindness holds the Divine power to heal on many levels.

“Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness.” ~Seneca

“One kind word can warm three winter months.” ~ Japanese Proverb

“Always be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle.” ~ Plato”

Giving connects two people, the giver and the receiver, and this connection gives birth to a new sense of belonging.” ~ Deepak Chopra

“Our task must be to free ourselves from our prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all of humanity and the whole of nature in its beauty.” ~ Albert Einstein

“You are here to serve others, to be a light for them, to participate in their lessons and to help heal humanity. You are also here to serve yourself, to heal your soul, to enable your soul’s growth and reconnect to the Source. Your challenge is to find a balance between serving others and yourself so that you can accomplish the tasks that you established for yourself in this lifetime and even go beyond that. How you view your role in serving others is an important part of this process.” ~ Jennifer Hoffman

“People will forget what you said; People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.” ~ Milt Belna

Only through kindness can we find our path back home. Kindness is the key to uniting hearts and souls. We are all one – being kind to another is only being kind to yourself.

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