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Using a Nebulizer to Clear Lungs

Every home should have a nebulizer. When purchasing, buy a reliable brand. If purchasing online, read customer reviews. 

I personally use a combination of Living Minerals, Pure Silver Concentrate and PureDine in my nebulizer. 

First I put 1-2 oz. of pure water into a glass. I then dip a toothpick into a bottle of Mineralizer or from an opened capsule of Living Minerals and add a sprinkle of black minerals to the water. The water should turn dark brown to nearly black. Then I pour the mixture into an empty 2 oz. dropper bottle. 

Then I open the medicine bowl of the nebulizer and add two droppers full (one squeeze of the bulb) of Living Minerals, one dropper full of Pure Silver Concentrate and 2-3 drops (drops / not droppers) of PureDine. I swirl this around for a few seconds then put the top securely on the bowl, attach the hose and begin sucking vapor into my lungs through my mouth and nose. Take long deep breaths so as to expand the lungs and get the vapor thoroughly distributed to all parts of the lungs.  I like to have two or more people passing the bowl so that while one person is inhaling, the other persons are exhaling and none of the vapor goes to waste. When doing this, I don’t use the mouthpiece. You don’t need to touch the unit with nose or mouth. The vacuum caused by inhaling will easily draw in the vapor without touching.

Silver, Iodine and Fulvic Minerals are all highly anti-microbial and should quickly neutralize all forms of bacteria, virus, mold, etc., which will naturally reduce inflammation and allow the lungs to raise mucous more readily.

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