This May Be The End of The Traitorous Congress! story Sunday, January 3, 2021

CONGRESS IS ON THE FIRING LINE…especially the Senate!

An Open Letter to the U.S. Congress

Dear Members of the 116th United States Congress:

Surely you all know by now that the task of upholding the U.S. Constitution falls squarely on your shoulders on January 6, 2021.

Hard indisputable evidence has been presented in several venues, on numerous media platforms and in many forums which clearly proves that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris stole the 2020 POTUS election via extensive vote fraud and electoral cyber-crimes.

With each passing week it has also become apparent that this naked election theft was carried out by a highly organized criminal enterprise created by the Democrat Party and other criminal entities.

To be clear, an extremely complex and premeditated scheme was conceived at the highest echelons of the Democrat Party leadership on all levels — federal, state, county and municipal — to outright steal the election from President Trump. See: TRUMP HAS WON BY DEFAULT—Here’s why!

The volume of irrefutable evidence of fraud demonstrates that the ballot fraudsters and election thieves made no attempt to even cover up their countless crime scenes. Certainly there have been instances of vote fraud and rigged elections in the past, but never such a brazen and reckless election heist as this one.

If there is one solemn responsibility the U.S. Congress has to We the People, it is ensuring the integrity of the American election system and electoral process.

Should you falter in this regard between now and Inauguration Day, “you” will be complicit in the greatest election theft in U.S. history, which is an act of Treason and you will be held accountable!

On Wednesday, January 6, each of you has the opportunity to vigorously contest this unparalleled election fraud perpetrated by the DNC in collaboration Big Tech and unacknowledged foreign enemies.

The date has been set for completely unacceptable situations just like this, especially where the courts have failed woefully to uphold federal and state election laws. That date is:


While the choice is yours, a wrong choice will undoubtedly bring the wrath of the American people down upon you individually as well as on other seditious organs of the U.S. Federal Government!

By rubber stamping the false election result of the immense crime syndicate that gave Joe Biden an obviously fraudulent victory, you will become complicit in the multitude of their crimes.

That’s right: each of you who fails to earnestly expose this unprecedented colossal crime spree is not only guilty of crime itself, but is automatically guilty of participating in the extensive ongoing cover-up as well!

Each and every Senator and Congress person who neglects their statutory duty to reverse the invalid outcome is culpable for enabling this odious transgression against the American Republic.

Not only that, by neglecting to nullify those fraudulent Electoral College votes cast in every battleground state, you become accomplices to knowingly and willfully defrauding the American electorate.

In so doing you not only render yourselves utterly unfit to serve in your respective high offices by so profoundly violating the public trust and breaking the social contract, but you have also established yourselves as enemies of We the People and subjected yourselves to charges of High Treason.

In light of the fact that your most fundamental obligation is to lawfully serve the U.S. citizenry, any lapse on January 6th will permanently sever that governmental relationship.

By breaching the sacred covenant with We the People, you will become nothing but criminals and fugitives of the law and you will be treated as such.

Therefore, we strongly encourage you to make the right and only decision on how to proceed in truth and justice in behalf of we the American people on January 6th.

Any failure to do so will inevitably bring your respective downfalls, which will likely be fast and furious.  The Patriot Movement, in particular, has no more patience.

Through your individual and collective actions you, the Members of the 116th United States Congress have proven yourselves to be extremely dangerous, law-breaking reprobates.  This is your “last” chance to get it right.

We fully understand that almost ALL of you have chosen to serve your own interests through bribes of various foreign enemies and domestic crime syndicates, above the interests of the American people. This will no longer be tolerated for this time hence forth!

This is your last and final opportunity to correct the outcome of this election. Should you fall short in this endeavor, please be aware that ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE, as it should, across these once United States of America.

Some irate folks are even calling for you To Be Hung For The Whole World To See! ! !”

Failure for members of Congress to take the high road in regard to massive voter fraud will no doubt produce a grim outcome for all those who have the power to make it right.

Very sincerely, A Resolute Association of Angry American Patriots

P.S. By your untold crimes of commission and omission, we are quite aware that up until now, you phony lawmakers do not fear We the People.  We know that you only answer to your shadow masters who control you via bribery, blackmail and other means.  However, the time has come for you to fear US who really employ you, more than you fear your nefarious controllers.  The stark reality is that Congress is incapable of repairing the irreparable, so the best you can do is get out of the way. But first, you had better vacate the bogus Biden win like YESTERDAY! Both parties — Democrat & Republican — are being crashed in 2021 as there are too many hardcore traitors among both parties.  You have all partied way too much and for too long at our expense; and now the American people are taking back their Republic!


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