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Yeast grows in the skin, vagina, and digestive system. It can be very damaging because it feeds off the very cells that are healthy and normal inside our intestines. Yeast lives in warm, moist areas and feeds off sugars.

Pure Silver Concentrate has been documented to kill yeast both inside and outside of the body. It will even kill stachybotrys, the black mold or yeast that grows in showers and on walls.

Many people have successfully killed the yeast and fungus that are causing pain throughout the body by taking 1-2 droppers of ShopFreeMart Pure Silver Concentrate 3x daily.

Pure Silver Concentrate can also be diluted using purified water to inject into the rectum or vagina using a syringe or douche bottle. Use 1-3 droppers of ShopFreeMart Pure Silver Concentrate (depending upon the severity of the infection) to each oz. of water before injecting.

When large numbers of yeast colonies are killed rapidly, the cleanse may be accompanied by one to three weeks of flu-like symptoms until the dead yeast is washed out of the body.

Drinking plenty of purified water with ShopFreeMart Hydration Drops Concentrate added to it can help remove toxins that are being released as a result of any kind of detoxification program.

Acidophilus supports a healthy intestinal flora, which is an important part of the body’s defense against the overgrowth of yeast and fungus.

ShopFreeMart Siaga and D-Cal Boron also have anti-fungal properties, which in turn helps control the growth of yeast.

ShopFreeMart Hydration Drops, Immunize and Pure Mag Concentrate support proper pH by neutralizing acid in the body, all of which are a major factor in preventing an onslaught of yeast and fungus and should be a daily regimen for anyone suffering from pain.

There is also a good probiotic found in the refrigerated section of some organic food stores that targets yeast in women. This can actually benefit both men and women in conjuction with taking Immunize if they are suffering from a systemic yeast infection. It is called Raw Probiotics Vaginal Care. It is made by Garden of Life and has 38 strains of good bacteria with a count of over 50 billion per capsule.

If yeast is in the intestines, it is important to remove sugars from the diet, as it feeds on sugars. ShopFreeMart Pure Silver Concentrate can be inserted in the vagina or on a tampon or panty liner for about 90 minutes to fight a vaginal infection.

It has also been reported that putting 3 drops of Pure Silver Concentrate in one ear and lying on your side for 6-10 minutes and then repeating with the other ear has a considerable impact upon yeast infections.

You should expect to realize a benefit in the first two hours after use. Systemic problems however may take months to resolve. For systemic yeast problems, drink one gallon of pure water daily to which you have added 3 droppers of Pure Silver Concentrate. Some people have reported getting rid of toenail fungus in as little as 3 months using this method.

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