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“Could You Go Skydiving Without A Parachute? Then How Can You Manifest Without The Right Vibration?”

It has been said that you are constantly shifting your vibrations from one reality to another. Learning to shift is not something that you have to do. You are already doing it. The question then is not can you shift, but what will you shift to?

There already exist an infinite number of vibratory levels. Your job is to first decide what vibratory level that you want to shift to. It is never about forcing anyone else to change. It is about you changing and taking yourself to whatever vibrational level that you want in order to change the external physical reality that you have created in the past and are now experiencing.

It is all a matter of simple physics. As scientists today are beginning to realize, everything exists now – all at once and in a sense all here, but you create different physical experiences through different vibrations.

Television technology is a perfect example of what we are talking about. The idea is that you understand that there are an infinite number of television programs that all coexist simultaneously, but you will only get the program that you tune your channel to.

This is exactly how physical reality is holographically constructed. Whatever vibrational being you choose to be is the physical reality you will get. What you put out is what you get back. It is the law of physics – for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction – simple physics. It’s about creating the appropriate state you prefer in your own being, allowing reality to reflect back to you the shift you have made in yourself.

Whatever you are not the vibration of remains invisible to you. The truth is, you cannot perceive things that are vibrating at a different dimension than you are. 

If you tune your television to channel four, you will not receive the program on channel two and for that reason, you may not even perceive, or receive what I am saying here and now.

You may think or say that you prefer a certain reality, but if you do not allow yourself to exemplify the vibration of that which you say you prefer, you will not actually be capable of perceiving any opportunity that will allow you to synchronistically get you to that reality. Remember, what you are not the vibration of remains invisible to you.

Many times individuals wonder, why can’t I do this – why can’t I get there – why doesn’t this happen? It may simply be that they are living in a frequency that makes certain things invisible to them – unknowable to them – unimaginable to them – they will never even conceive of those ideas and they would not ever recognize them even if they were right in front of their face, because they are not operating on that level. 

You have to be in sync or in tune with that state or frequency in order to be able to see the opportunity or doorway that actually leads to the circumstances that you desire.

We are talking about belief systems – how you define your reality. Perhaps because the truth about what creates our reality seems too simple, a lot of people seem to have difficulty with this concept. 

All experiences in life are based upon the strongest personal definition you have about that reality. Perhaps it can be said better this way, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

If you believe you can’t do something, you might as well not even try. If you think something is not going to work, it certainly won’t work for you although it may work beautifully for a thousand other people.

Each of us has many probable futures because you can learn to change your heart thoughts at will and when you do, everything around you will change and it may be as simple as the fact that you have tuned your “receiver” to a different channel.

Nothing is set in stone or made of steel. Whatever vibrational state you choose to exist in will define what your future will be and every person who believes differently than you do, will also experience his or her own reality based upon the frequency in which they choose to exist.

The idea again is that you don’t need to change your world; you merely need to shift your vibration to equal a world that is already in existence in order to experience the change you are seeking and at the same time allow all others to stay tuned to and watch the vibrational channel they choose to watch.

To further expand the analogy – it all comes down to Transformational Vibration – TV.

When you are vibrating at a different frequency than the things you desire, it will be “impossible” to obtain them until you match their frequency.

It could be compared to trying to get on a busy highway during rush hour. The cars are passing by so fast that they are practically a blur. So you get into the entrance lane and you start accelerating until you match the speed of the cars on the highway. Now you can easily ease your way into traffic, because you are in sync with the speed of the other cars.

Everything you want already exists. All you have to do is match the frequency of what you are trying to connect to.

Therefore, if your goal is to become successful, you must align yourself with the frequencies of success. To get to the things you like, you often have to pass through some things that you don’t like.

For example, learning to play the piano requires considerable practice, but once you become an accomplished pianist, nothing is more enjoyable than playing the piano.

In his book Power vs. Force, Dr. David R. Hawkins created a chart called The Chart of Human Consciousness. In this chart, Dr. Hawkins assigned a vibrational frequency to many of the human emotions.

The frequency values he assigned to different emotions range from 0-1000:

Ultimate Consciousness 1000
Enlightenment – 700
Peace – 600
Joy – 540
Love – 500
Reason – 400
Acceptance – 350
Willingness – 310
Neutrality – 250
Courage – 200
Pride – 175
Anger – 150
Desire – 125
Fear – 100
Grief – 75
Apathy – 50
Guilt – 30
Shame – 20

It is not my purpose to judge the accuracy of these values, but only to show as we raise our frequencies we then live at a higher state of being and we can then enjoy the fruits and experience the physical reality of that vibrational plane.

Everything in the universe has its own frequency. The food you eat, the things you drink and supplements you take greatly affect the level at which you vibrate.

As you can see, shame has a vibration of 20. How often have you been shamed and how often have you shamed others. Children that are frequently shamed by parents and their peers often grow up to be dysfunctional.

The average vibrational frequency of people everywhere on planet earth is believed to be around 200. If raising the frequency will raise the lifestyle for individual human beings, then there is obviously a great need to educate the world about this simple truth.

Acceptance and forgiveness vibrate at 350 so you can see the importance of being quick to forgive. (See Forgiveness) The act of forgiveness can no doubt move you more quickly up the vibrational scale than any other single thing.

Reason and science have a vibrational frequency of 400-450.

Although listed on the chart as only being 500, I prefer to think that love is the highest vibration of all because the scripture says that God is love. 

Children who grow up in a family where there is a lot of love, usually are high achievers in whatever they choose to do.

When you maintain the vibrational level of love for an extended period of time, all good things begin to manifest easily and effortlessly. Words and acts of kindness are a demonstration of love and you should make a conscious effort to demonstrate love daily. When going to sleep and upon waking, meditate upon the word love and try to feel the emotion of love both in your heart center and your abdomen. (See Love)

One of my daily prayers is to ask God for the wisdom to love my fellowman as God loves me. My love for mankind has grown as a result of praying this prayer and although I am not yet perfect, I know that I am daily moving in a positive direction.

Faith and peace are also among the highest of frequencies. People who are filled with faith are able to realize all of their desires very quickly. Fear is the opposite of faith and has a low frequency. Someone who is fearful will fail at almost everything he or she tries.

Joy is the frequency at which healing occurs. If you are trying to heal someone energetically, this is the frequency that you need to project to the person that you want to be healed. If the person who you are directing energy to is also mentally focusing upon this same frequency, he or she will be a much better conduit to receive the energy you are sending their way. (See Joy)

Gandhi’s motivation to create peace in the world was measured at a frequency of 700, which is the level of enlightenment.

Studies performed by Dr. Emoto in Japan show that energetic frequencies of love and gratitude directed at water change the frequency of the water and when flash frozen produced beautiful crystals where the same water that received no such frequency did not.

Dr. William Braud proved that you can increase the life of blood cells in a petri dish by directing similar thought energy into the blood cells.

All thoughts, beliefs and ideas have frequencies that can be measured and whatever you focus on begins to take root and grow.

While growing up we all have experiences that can cause energy blocks later in life. Many of these things may be long since forgotten; nevertheless they can block your progression as you attempt to raise your vibrations to a higher level.

These may include abuses and offenses of many kinds. You may feel responsible for something that happened which you can’t change. You may have done something for which you think you cannot repent. Such blockages also often come from misguided religious training.

If there are things in your memory that are blocking your spiritual progression, you must first accept that these things are in the past and no amount of thinking or talking about them is going to change them. They have no place in the present.

If you have done something that you cannot make right, you need to accept the fact that a loving God has already paid the price for what you have done. Pray for forgiveness and then let it go.

Next you have to forgive others who have offended you in any way, and then you must forgive yourself for allowing these things to hold you captive and get in the way of your progression.

If you feel stuck, but you don’t remember why, still forgive everyone who may have at any time offended you and forgive yourself for allowing the blockages that are now holding you back. (See Forgiveness)

All of the beliefs, thoughts and ideas that you received from your family and from society as you were growing up created a mental computer program in your brain that may still be affecting the way you think and act today.

As the Bible clearly teaches, only the truth will set you free and once you are free from negative thoughts and beliefs, your vibrations will begin to change and then your entire physical experience will dramatically improve.

Charlie Tremendous Jones said, “You will be the same tomorrow as you are to day except for the people you meet and the books you read.”

Remember the saying “garbage in = garbage out?” You need to filter everything that goes into your mind and body.

Eat and drink wholesome organic foods, supplement with good nutrition, stop watching negative garbage programs, listening to garbage music and associating with negative people.

When you watch TV, you are associating with people. Do you really want to be like Archie Bunker? I think you get the meaning and that gives you an idea of how long it’s been since I watched TV.

The same is true of music. Everything in life has a vibration and the only way to increase your own vibration is to search out music, programs, food and people that vibrate at the frequency you want to achieve. (See Healing Music)

If getting everything you want in life is worth the effort of raising your vibrations to match the things that you want, then now is the time to get started. You will be glad that you did!

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