Vaginal Odor

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Vaginal odor can often be caused by a yeast or bacterial infection. FreeMart Pure Silver Concentrate can be used as a douche by adding 3-4 droppers full of Pure Silver Concentrate to two ounces of pure water and using a syringe to inject the liquid intravaginally and holding it for twelve minutes. Pure Silver Concentrate can also be applied to a tampon before inserting it into the vagina.

For continued problems, Pure Silver Concentrate can be applied to the outer areas of the vaginal opening or mixed with water and sprayed on a panty liner. Cleansing yeast out of the system will prevent most vaginal odor.

Many people have successfully killed the yeast and fungus that are causing vaginal odor by taking 1-2 droppers of ShopFreeMart Pure Silver Concentrate 3x daily.

Pure Silver Concentrate can also be diluted using purified water to inject into the rectum or vagina using a syringe or douche bottle. Use 1-3 droppers of ShopFreeMart Pure Silver Concentrate (depending upon the severity of the infection) to each oz. of water before injecting and hold for twelve minutes.

A tampon soaked in ShopFreeMart Pure Silver Concentrate diluted with pure water may also be inserted into the vagina as an additional measure for killing the infection.

When large numbers of yeast colonies are killed rapidly, the cleanse may be accompanied by one to three weeks of flu-like symptoms until the dead yeast is washed out of the body.

Drinking plenty of purified water with ShopFreeMart Hydration Drops Concentrate added to it can help remove toxins that are being released as a result of any kind of detoxification program.

Acidophilus supports a healthy intestinal flora, which is an important part of the body’s defense against the overgrowth of yeast and fungus. ShopFreeMart Siaga and D-Cal Boron also have anti-fungal properties, which in turn helps control the growth of yeast. ShopFreeMart Hydration Drops, Immunize and Pure Mag Concentrate support proper pH by neutralizing acid in the body and should be a daily regimen for anyone suffering vaginal odor.

Perhaps all systemic yeast infections are due to perforations in the gut lining which allows yeast to escape the gut and enter into the blood stream and thereby travel throughout the body. There can be no long-term remedy for yeast infection without healing the gut lining. The single best product in the world is colostrum and ShopFreeMart Immunize is the best colostrum I have found. FreeMart Siaga contains three of the best herbs for helping to heal the gut lining as well; namely chaga mushroom, black cumin seed and licorice root.

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