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Underactive thyroid is a major cause of all disease. Even though blood tests may indicate that the thyroid is normal, eighty percent of Americans suffer from an underactive thyroid.

Symptoms include loss of hair, puffy face, swollen tongue, weight gain, fatigue, brain fog, dry skin, eczema, candida, diabetes, constipation arthritis and cancer.

The thyroid gland is the major gland for the hormone system of the body. Damage to this gland can result in lack of energy, too much energy, weight gain, or weight loss. Pure Silver Concentrate can help because often the thyroid is damaged by a viral or bacterial infection.

Taking 1-2 droppers of ShopFreeMart Pure Silver Concentrate 3x daily and applying Pure Silver Concentrate topically to the throat will result in significant thyroid benefit.

ShopFreeMart , Pure Copper Concentrate, Pure Mag Concentrate and D-Cal Boron may help turn on the thyroid gland, which can then cause other related symptoms to disappear.

ShopFreeMart Hydration Drops will benefit the thyroid by hydrating the cells of this organ.

For chronic thyroid problems you might also consider taking some extra iodine from naturally occurring sources and perhaps a “small” amount of desiccated thyroid in supplement form.

I use a rust colored Iodine that I buy from a veterinarian or you may also find it in the drugstore section of a local department store. It may be labeled Providone or Betadine.

Use a cotton ball and rub some of this Iodine on the bottoms of your feet or on your inner thighs and allow it to soak in overnight. Continue to do this for a few days until the Iodine no longer disappears overnight. When it stops soaking in, you have enough.

Experiment periodically to see how long you can go between applications in order to keep you Iodine levels normal. Doing this may also help to prevent absorbing so much radioactive iodine.

If these measures don’t seem to help, you may also want to search for a reliable professional who specializes in tough cases of thyroid problems. (Not all who claim to be experts know what they are talking about.)

Home Test:

Take temperature under the arm for 10 minutes while still in bed in morning. If below 98.4 then think about the thyroid.

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