OPERATION OVERTHROW: George Soros Funded ‘Transition Integrity Project’ To Remove Trump From Office Win or Lose

The Democrats formed the Transition Integrity Project to have a framework with which to remove Trump, win or lose. That’s the game here, it is a real deal coup in progress. Plans to remove Trump from office, even if he wins the election, are well underway.


by Geoffrey Grider September 16, 2020 NOW THE END BEGINS

Major portions of this article were co-written with award-winning author Lori DeMonia.

The Transition Integrity Project group was formed in December 2019, is funded by George Soros and its formation speaks to the very false idea, created by Democrats, that Trump will not accept a Biden victory and refuse to leave office. Which is more likely translated into ‘they know he’ll be the clear winner as he was in 2016, but he needs to go anyway’. Despite trying to impeach him, follow-up plans were already underway to force him out no matter what, that was also the plan.

“Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God. Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation.” Romans 13:1,2 (KJB)

The Democrats, having now created the false narrative that Donald Trump would refuse to leave the White House should he lose the election, together with George Soros, formed the Transition Integrity Project to have a framework in which they could remove Trump, win or lose. That’s the game here, it is a real-deal coup in progress. So no matter who wins in November, the Democrats will make sure that massive chaos and confusion begins immediately, as they attempt to install Kamala Harris as president. This is how the Democrats plan on taking control of the country on election night.

They war-gamed 4 basic scenarios as we see here below.


This Is How The Transition Integrity Project Sees November:

  • Game One: An ambiguous win by Biden. The first game investigated a scenario in which the outcome of the election remained unclear from election night and throughout game play.
  • Game Two: Clear Biden Victory. The Trump Campaign team again attempted to federalize the National Guard to end further vote counting and called on supporters to turn out in large numbers. The Biden Campaign established a bipartisan transition team and mobilized supporters to ensure vote counting was completed thoroughly. In this scenario, Biden won outright in the Electoral College and the popular vote.
  • Game Three: The third scenario posited a comfortable Electoral College victory for President Trump — 286-252 — but also a significant popular vote win—52% – 47%–for former Vice President Biden.
  • Game Four: Narrow Biden Win. The final scenario explored a narrow Biden win where he leads with less than 1% of the popular vote the day after the election, and is predicted to win 278 electoral votes.

67 people participated as “active players”, and many others were observers and gave feedback. John Podesta played the role of Joe Biden and a few others in attendance were Michael Steele, Donna Brazile, and former Hillary Clinton advisor Paul Eaton. Plans to remove Trump from office, even if he wins the election, are well underway. One highlight of the report states that “the concept of election night is no longer accurate and indeed dangerous”. The TIP report dated August 3, 2020 was made available to the public and details the “crisis scenario planning exercises”.

The Findings Of Their Report:

Among the findings we highlight in the report:

  • The concept of “election night,” is no longer accurate and indeed is dangerous. We face a period of contestation stretching from the first day a ballot is cast in mid-September until January 20. The winner may not, and we assess likely will not, be known on “election night” as officials count mail-in ballots. This period of uncertainty provides opportunities for an unscrupulous candidate to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the process and to set up an unprecedented assault on the outcome. Campaigns, parties, the press and the public must be educated to adjust expectations starting immediately.
  • A determined campaign has opportunity to contest the election into January 2021. We anticipate lawsuits, divergent media narratives, attempts to stop the counting of ballots, and protests drawing people from both sides. President Trump, the incumbent, will very likely use the executive branch to aid his campaign strategy, including through the Department of Justice. We assess that there is a chance the president will attempt to convince legislatures and/or governors to take actions – including illegal actions – to defy the popular vote. Federal laws provide little guidance for how Congress should resolve irregularities when they convene in a Joint Session on January 6, 2021. Of particular concern is how the military would respond in the context of uncertain election results. Here recent evidence offers some reassurance, but it is inconclusive.
  • The administrative transition process itself may be highly disrupted. Participants in our exercises of all backgrounds and ideologies believed that Trump would prioritize personal gain and self-protection over ensuring an orderly administrative hand-off to his successor. Trump may use pardons to thwart future criminal prosecution, arrange business deals with foreign governments that benefit him financially, attempt to bribe and silence associates, declassify sensitive documents, and attempt to divert federal funds to his own businesses.

They anticipate, with a high degree of certainty, that this November’s election will be marked by a chaotic legal and political landscape. They are warning us now, even though some dismiss this as conspiracy theory, what they intend to carry out. The report concludes that there needs to be a robust strategy to challenge the white supremacist and extremist networks that enabled Trump’s rise to power. One article depicted an image of Hitler next to Trump. Even the language in the report claiming Trump rose to power and wasn’t elected by the people shows how determined they are to remove him by any means. In the 22 page report the word violence was used 15 times and chaos 9 times.

So now a new playbook is being embraced. Supporting the public’s peaceful protests as well as blaming the Trump supporters for street level chaos is part of it. People taking to the streets in large numbers for an extended period of time, is already being prepared to intensify. A group called The Fight Back Table met recently to make their plans for the upcoming “mass public unrest”. The executive director of MoveOn.Org was a participant.

The group used the Transition Integrity Project report as part of their planning as they too prepare for the upcoming mass unrest and violence. Those in the media are priming and programming the public to the “Trump refusing to leave office” narrative. Remember the “no one is above the law” line during the impeachment attempt? Well, the new one will be “Trump’s refusing to leave office”.

Watch Kamala Tell Us About The Coming ‘Harris Administration’ That The Transition Integrity Project Will Create

Vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris got a bit ahead of herself, when she referred to the “Harris administration,” while discussing economic plans during a virtual round-table. “A Harris administration, together with Joe Biden as the president of the United States,” she said Saturday before correcting her apparent Freudian slip. Yes sir, that’s the plan. You would have to be an idiot to miss this, a blind idiot who’s also deaf.  That’s how painfully obvious this all is. Notice in the bottom video she is threatening all of America that the riots will not stop, proving the rioters are working in concert with the Democrat plan to seize power. 


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