DECLASS HAS BEGUN? Lin Wood Says He Has The Keys To The Blackmail Files, Handing Them Over To President Trump!

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For those of you who think Lin Wood has “gone crazy”…..his latest Tweet storm will probably only further solidify your opinion.

For everyone who thinks Lin Wood is quite sane and boldly telling the truth, then you will be stunned to see what he just posted.

In either event, it looks like the major declass we have been waiting for for over 4 years may finally be beginning.

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It looks like the blackmail scheme we have all suspected to have existed, involving people like Jeffrey Epstein, Justice John Roberts, Mike Pence, and many others may indeed exist and may soon be coming into the light.

This is wild stuff.

Let’s just be real clear upfront about what is going on…..

Either we have all been right and the truth is about to be revealed — the truth about why someone like John Roberts suddenly flipped and started voting with the Democrats — and why our world is so corrupt, that truth is about to be revealed……..or Lin Wood has gone crazy.

It’s one of those two options.

And I think in the next few days we’re about to see which one is true.

In the Tweet storm below, Lin Wood explains how the Blackmail Scheme works and who all he believes is involved.

WARNING: it is graphic and salacious.

Are you ready for a wild week?

Here is what Wood Tweeted last night (read the entire chain):

“I Am Not Suicidal!” Video Made By Issac Kappy Just Before His Untimely Death!

Fireside Chat With Lin Wood- Episode 3 | Shining a Light on the Truth About Chief Justice…

And in case Twitter deletes or censors those, the entire same thread was posted over at Parler and should be safe from censorship.

You can see those here:

So….what do you think?


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