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ShopFreeMart Vitalize, PureGold, Pure Mag, D-Cal Boron and Siaga are the products most likely to help with stuttering.

Vitalize has a very calming effect upon the brain as does PureGold. Pure Mag Concentrate is the best form of magnesium for crossing the blood-brain barrier and magnesium is one of the most essential minerals for brain function. D-Cal Boron works in conjuction with Pure Mag Concentrate to relax the muscles, which can be beneficial and Siaga contains too many brain nutrients to mention.

A mineral deficiency that is common among people who stutter is manganese. ShopFreeMart Siaga has naturally occurring manganese, so you can only afford one product to start with, Siaga might be a good choice.

ShopFreeMart currently does not have a stand alone manganese supplement. I will be doing more research in order to see if manganese will be on my list of future product recommendations.

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