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Rosacea is a form of bacteria that grows on the nose, making it red and swollen with pimples. This can leave very large scars. Because it is difficult to treat, doctors generally prescribe antibiotics.

Rather than use antibiotics, you can take 1-2 droppers of ShopFreeMart Pure Silver Concentrate 3x daily and apply silver topically 4 or more times daily.

Wash the nose lightly with Pure Silver Concentrate between each application. Some have found it helpful to wash the skin with nothing more than pure salt as most soaps and cleansers actually damage the skin. You should see a reduction of redness within the first two hours and a reduction of pimples in the first day.

ShopFreeMart Siaga, Sugar-D, Pure Silver Concentrate, Pure Copper Concentrate and PureGold can help cleanse the blood in the case of pimples. They also eliminate free radicals, food poisoning and other pathogens that may be the cause of a Rosacea.

Regular use of ShopFreeMart Immunize and Activate can also strengthen the immune system and help prevent toxins and bacteria that lead to Rosacea from entering the bloodstream via a leaky gut, helping to ward off disease-causing organisms.

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