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Some of us grew up in homes, cultures and religions that teach us to “Judge not that ye be not judged,” but out of the same mouth these same people teach us to be judgmental of and look down on others who believe differently than they do. If you have fallen into the pit of being judgmental of others, this may be a wake-up call for you and you may want to think about repentance.

Judgment is the same terrible game that school children play when they start a rumor about one of the students saying they have fleas. This causes a division amongst the children in which the one that is accused is ostracized and avoided by the other children.

God’s plan is unification of mankind, but Satan’s plan is to “divide” and conquer. Only through division of people can Satan win.

A double-minded man receives nothing from the Lord, so get real honest with God. Repentance is an everyday evaluation.

“Search my heart oh Lord and show me the areas in my life that are not pleasing to you.”

Am I angry? Did I ever threaten anybody? Have I ever been sexually impure? Are my thoughts sexually pure today? Am I honest in all my dealings? Am I taking care of my financial obligations? What motivates me to think the thoughts I am thinking or take the actions I am taking? Am I judgmental of others who believe differently than I do? Am I motivated by love, by pride or by lust?”

We fall into the trap of justifying our actions – “I can make this compromise here because I have good intentions over there.” “I can judge this group of people, religion, etc. because I have the truth and they don’t.” Frequently we have spiritual blind spots. The number one sin is pride, where a man thinks more highly of himself than he is, saying it was somebody else’s fault; I did so and so because somebody did so and so to me. From God’s perspective there is no justification for negative thoughts and actions.

If we sow corruption, we reap corruption. Begin to sow good seeds. We receive kindness for kindness, grace for grace, purity for purity, loyalty for loyalty, love for love, and forgiveness for forgiveness.

The offenses you receive may be “just” compensation in God’s eyes, for seeds you have sown in the past. When you fully realize this, it will be easier to forgive and help heal those who have sinned against you.

Repentance pays for your misdeeds, and for those who confess and repent of their sins, there is no condemnation.

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