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Most of the world today is being bombarded with radiation. The frequencies emitted by cell phone towers have killed vast populations of bees and are affecting humanity in similar fashion. Cell phones, television, microwave ovens and computers all emit dangerous radiation, causing death and damage to cells and in many cases cause cells to mutate and become cancerous. (See Microwave Ovens). When I became educated on this subject, I threw away my microwave although it was nearly new.

Doctors often prescribe chemotherapy or radiation for cancer patients that in turn cause immune suppression and return in the future in the form of more difficult cancers.

Since the days of Hiroshima, untold numbers of atomic bombs have been set off around the world creating radioactive fallout and suffering around the globe. Recently, failing nuclear reactors have become a major problem not to mention the tons of deuterium that has been used in recent wars that is causing indescribable deformities in Iraqi babies and babies fathered by American soldiers that were exposed to the same radiation.

Downwind charts have been published showing areas of the country that have been most affected by fallout and increased incidents of cancer and other major diseases correspond with the amount of radiation that has dropped on certain populations.

If you live in a high radiation area, you might consider relocating. Also limit your contact with other known sources of radiation. (See Cell Phones and EMF)

ShopFreeMart Pure Copper Concentrate and Siaga are the two products that I recommend for helping to remove harmful radiation from the body. Eating lots of fresh organic green vegetables that are rich in chlorophyll will also help remove radiation.

ShopFreeMart Nano Cards are helpful to prevent damage from radiation from electromagnetic frequencies.

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