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A prostate is the gland that closes off the flow of urine from the bladder. When the prostate relaxes, urine will flow out of the bladder and into the toilet. The prostate gland then tightens back up on the ureter and stops the urine flow. Over time, the prostate muscle becomes bigger. If it becomes infected with bacteria, it will swell and become too large and shut off the flow of urine, making you unable to urinate.

Pure Silver Concentrate can destroy the bacteria that causes the prostatitis. By taking 1-2 droppers of Pure Silver Concentrate 3x daily you will have enough circulating in your system to go through your urine and kill the bacteria in your bladder and prostate. Some people have felt a benefit by placing a cloth soaked with silver between the rectum and scrotum.

For those who have access to a catheter, 3 droppers of Pure Silver Concentrate can be added to 4 oz. of distilled water and be pumped directly into the catheter and held in the bladder for ten minutes where it will kill pathogens.

ShopFreeMart Hydration Drops, Pure Gold, Siaga, Pure Mag and D-Cal Boron can also help eliminate free radicals, toxins, calcium deposits and other pathogens that may be the cause of prostate disease. Regular use of ShopFreeMart Immunize can also strengthen the immune system, helping to ward off disease-causing organisms.

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