Anti Radiation

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Modern technology continues to make our lives more convenient, but that convenience does not come without risk. Every day your health is being affected by a silent killer, electromagnetic radiation (EMR). This radiation can affect any cells and tissues of the body and the closer that mobile devices come into contact with the body, the more damage is being done. Common symptoms from cell phone radiation are headaches dizziness, insomnia mental fog, hair loss etc.

Long term effect can lead to tumors, cancer and other degenerative diseases. Although the effects of EMR have been downplayed by industry and by politicians that receive large contributions from the mobile phone industry, more and more people are becoming aware of the dangers of wireless devices and are beginning to take protective measures.

The ShopFreeMart Anti-Radiation Sticker is manufactured using a special material which absorbs excessive harmful radiation produced by mobile phones, cell-phone towers, WIFI antennas, etc., thus reducing a lot of the damage from radiation on the human brain and other tissues.

The ShopFreeMart Anti-Radiation Sticker has been shown to reduce electromagnetic radiation by 96% – 97%. Another benefit of this device is its ability to extend batter life and increase talk time and stand-by time of your phone’s battery.

ShopFreeMart Anti-Radiation Sticker is made of a special material that activates the Lithium-ion within the rechargeable battery, to facilitate the dissolving of depositional waste that accumulates in the battery each time it is charged and discharged.

This is a similar phenomenon to that of human blood vessels which are blocked by the waste matter inside the body and the blood flow is then slowed down. Waste build-up inside of the battery hinders the proper ion-flow, which decreases the charging capacity of the battery, which in turn causes your battery to discharge more quickly with time, which shortens the available calling time per each charge. ShopFreeMart Anti-Radiation Sticker increases battery capacity of your old battery and also prolongs the life span of new battery.

Effectiveness actually increases after the lithium rechargeable battery has been recharged and discharged repeatedly for 1-3 times. It can increase the capacity of the used rechargeable battery by 10-85% and the charging time of the battery can be shortened by one-third to one-half the normal time.

Direction for use:

  1. For best protection from EMR, take off the adhesive tape on the back of the sticker and paste the adhesive side of patch on the back of mobile phone near the antenna (antenna position is on the top left or top right of your mobile phone. Applying close to the antenna increases effectiveness as shown in the pictures below.
  2. For best effect in prolonging battery life, stick the glue side of the sticker on the battery close to the positive plate of the battery (avoiding the electrode) as shown on the graphic.

Note: You can apply a sticker to both the phone and to the battery for best all-around protection and improved battery life.

This picture was taken without using an anti-radiation phone sticker. The Radiation Meter is showing a radiation level of 485uw/cm².

As you see from this picture, applying the sticker to the opposite side of the antenna reduces its effectiveness. (327 uw/cm²) For best results, position the sticker near the antenna as in the picture below.




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