Muscle Cramps / Spasms

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Most people get adequate Calcium in their diet. In a small number of cases, extra calcium may be an effective remedy for muscle spasms or muscle cramps during sleep, provided there are no neurological or neurodegenerative causes such as cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, or stroke. I always recommend trying other remedies first and then trying calcium as a last resort. (See Calcium)

Lack of Magnesium is the most usual cause of cramps and spasms. ShopFreeMart Pure Mag Concentrate provides the best form of Magnesium for preventing muscle cramps or spasms and if you don’t see immediate relief then you may need to add ShopFreeMart D-Cal Boron. The next thing I would suggest is to take ShopFreeMart Vitalize and find a good Potassium supplement.

Remedies could also include a higher daily intake of vitamin C and a phosphorus source such as Lecithin. If none of those work, then as a last resort, look to calcium.

Increasing stomach acid (if low) with supplements, or using lemon or limewater with meals are other options.

Conditions that interfere with calcium absorption:

Very high protein intake

High phosphate levels (kidney disease, poor diet)

Hormonal imbalances

Nutritional imbalances (low magnesium / low vitamin B5),

Celiac or other intestinal diseases

Blood-thinning drugs or medications may deplete calcium.

One-sided leg cramps or spasms can help with the decision of what to supplement is needed. Left side is usually indicative of extra calcium requirements, while the right side is generally an indication of magnesium being needed, although a combination of calcium and magnesium may be necessary to get relief as a result of both being low. If right-sided muscle cramps respond to calcium rather than to magnesium, then dehydration is suspect, and extra sodium or potassium may be required instead. Give ShopFreeMart products at least 30 days to correct these mineral imbalances before trying any other remedies.

While electrolyte or other nutritional imbalances can be a cause or contributing factor for toe spasms or cramping of one’s toes also, if one never experiences spasms or cramps in other parts of the body, then they may occur as a result of poor circulation, wearing tight shoes, or sitting in a particular position for long periods of time. Briefly exercising one’s toes, or taking a short walk usually provides relief and resolves the problem.

ShopFreeMart Pure Copper Concentrate, Pure Mag Concentrate, D-Cal Boron, Sugar-D and Vitalize may help improve circulation. (See Circulation)

Dehydration is frequently the cause of muscle cramping, especially at night. Drinking more water and especially just before bedtime will often cure this painful condition.

Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) or sodium citrate can be helpful for low sodium-related muscle cramps and spasms as well. They are frequently used by some athletes to combat muscle fatigue and to increase performance by raising muscle and plasma pH, however when increasing amounts from a recommended 0.15 g per lb. of body mass to what some trainers consider to be an optimal intake of 0.3 g per lb., there is a risk to induce muscle spasms.

Acute back spasms are often triggered as a result of injuries, while chronic back spasms can result from a curvature of the spine (scoliosis), age-related degenerative disk disease, and/or spinal alignment problems. ShopFreeMart PureGold, Vitalize, Living Minerals and PureDine may help to repair DNA which in turn may over time correct even severe and chronic disorders resulting from injuries and degenerative conditions.

ShopFreeMart FireGel may be applied topically to help relieve muscle pain and muscle spasms.

Mineral imbalance is also capable of affecting spinal alignment and can lead to scoliosis and subsequent muscle cramps and spasms. However, once a nutritional balance is established by taking ShopFreeMart Pure Mag Concentrate, D-Cal Boron and Vitalize, the spine is less likely to go out of alignment and trigger muscle spasms, cramps, and/or other health problems.

“Sleep Starts” (myoclonic or hypnagogic jerks) describes a type of involuntary muscle jerking that takes place just before drifting off to sleep. While felt by most people at some point in their lives, these sudden muscle twitches or jolts don’t generally interfere with someone’s sleep unless they occur on a regular, nightly basis. When they start to take place seconds apart, they will seriously affect a patient’s ability to fall, or remain asleep. Some individuals experience shorter bouts that only last a few weeks; however other people are less fortunate and may suffer “sleep starts” for several months, or on an ongoing basis. ShopFreeMart Pure Mag Concentrate, Pure Copper Concentrate, Vitalize and D-Cal Boron may help reduce these symptoms.

The medical profession does not know what causes “sleep starts” and they have no medical remedies. There are however some known medical conditions associated with myoclonus, including brain or spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s disease, Tourette syndrome, multiple sclerosis, stroke, epilepsy, drug or chemical poisoning and organ damage. Females are affected more than males, partly due to hormonal fluctuations that seem to aggravate this condition around the time of their menstrual cycle.

Magnesium deficiency may be the cause as symptoms include muscle cramps, muscle twitching, facial tics, poor sleep, menstrual symptoms and chronic pain. I recommend taking ShopFreeMart Pure Mag Concentrate, D-Cal Boron and Vitalize for at least 30 days before trying any other possible remedies.

If after 30 days you don’t start seeing improvement, try Pure Copper Concentrate. Taurine in the 1,500 mg to 6,000 mg a day range has been shown be somewhat helpful for “sleep starts,” provided reasonable care is taken at the same time to avoid stimulants known to worsen the symptoms, such as alcohol, caffeine, and excessive intake of white sugar.

ShopFreeMart Pure Mag Concentrate and D-Cal Boron can help prevent muscle cramps and spasms and when taken regularly for a minimum of 30 days, you will almost always begin to see the benefits of providing the proper isoforms of all of the nutrients needed for cellular balance and repair. ShopFreeMart Hydration Drops and Siaga also eliminates free radicals, toxins and other pathogens that may also cause muscle cramps and spasms.

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