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Constipation and Migraine headache or pain going down the neck can often be relieved by deep massage on the same side as the pain, about 4 inches above the ankle, right below the calf on the inside of the leg. When you find the right spot there will pain like a boil. Massage deeply for 9 minutes even though the patient will want to go through the roof. When the pain is gone in the leg, the headache will be gone also.

I performed this massage on my wife who was severely constipated. She wanted to kill me before it was done and a few minutes later, she filled the toilet bowl above the water line. She then thanked me for putting her in pain as the relief was more than the few minutes of agony she endured.

You may also find extremely sore points on the ankles, sides or bottom of the feet. These all relate to some blocked nerves in the body and even if you don’t have reflexology charts, by massaging these points, you will do your body a world of good.

Edgar Cayce says migraines are caused by toxic bowel. Many people have totally eliminated migraines and constipation by cleansing the bowel. See Colon Cleansing and Bentonite Clay.

ShopFreeMart products may also help support a healthy intestinal tract, and normal and regular bowel movements. I recommend these as part of your daily health regimen. Feverfew herb has also stopped migraines.

Peppermint Oil & Ethanol

Researchers at the University of Kiel in Germany have stumbled upon a unique technique for treating migraine pain. When a mixture of peppermint oil and ethanol (ethyl alcohol) was dabbed onto the foreheads of 32 participants in a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, the participants experienced an almost immediate lessening of headache pain. (1) Peppermint oil is available in health food stores, and ethanol is available in liquor stores as pure grain alcohol. Mix the two together before applying to the skin.

Teeth Clenching

Dr. Phillip Lamey, Professor of Oral Medicine at the Royal Hospital in Northern Ireland, has discovered that migraine sufferers have severely-elevated saliva peptide levels between 50,000-60,000 units while non-migraine sufferers have about 100 times less, or about 500 units.

Teeth Guard

He further discovered the cause of this elevation of peptides seems to be nighttime teeth clenching. To prevent this behavior, Lamey had 19 sufferers wear an oral appliance while sleeping, preventing the upper and lower teeth from contacting.

The device used in the study was fashioned from two millimeter thick acrylic plastic. The saliva peptide levels dropped to the levels of non-migraine sufferers around 500 units, with a corresponding drop in migraine attacks to about 40% of their previous levels. After wearing the device each night for one year, 70% of his patients no longer experienced migraines.

Lamey found his technique works best for people who experience at least two episodes per week, and particularly for those who have attacks upon awakening. Although Dr. Lamey’s appliance isn’t available in the U.S., it’s quite similar to mouthpieces used in sports such as boxing and football. The most important factor seems to be that no upper and lower teeth make contact, including the wisdom teeth and molars. The thinner the appliance, the more comfortable the fit.

There is a device sold in the U.S. called the Doctor’s Night Guard. This just might fit the bill, and is available in pharmacies.


Dr. Jean Schoenen and colleagues of the University of Liege in Belgium have found that mega-doses of riboflavin, vitamin B2, are useful in preventing migraine headaches. Studying 55 mild-to-moderate migraine sufferers aged 18-65 whose pre-testing frequency ranged from two to eight episodes per month, those who took 400 milligrams of B2 daily had 37% fewer attacks, with greatly-reduced severity of the continuing episodes. The riboflavin therapy was well tolerated, the only side-effect being diarrhea in one participant.

Some experts suggest that supplementing for two to three months may be necessary before the positive benefits are seen. If supplementing with extra B2, it’s best also to supplement with a protocol containing all of the B-vitamins (B complex).

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