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Real joy is not about accomplishment. It is not about what mountain you’ve gone to. The real joy is about discovering peace in your own self.

What is it that people everywhere desire? What are we looking for? What does this heart of ours want?

It wants joy, but not the kind that is temporary in nature. It wants peace, but not the kind of peace that is temporary in nature.

As long as people have been fighting on this planet, there might not be an absence of war anytime soon, but that should not preclude the absence of peace.

The absence of war is not necessarily peace and there exists a peace that transcends any war and that is the peace we are all looking for.

The day you recognize your true hunger, your true thirst, then everything will change for you. Because what you’re looking for you will find within you. You will find your joy inside of you.

And when you find out “what” you are, you will find it to be incredibly beautiful.

Joy is the alchemical emotion. It has been said that one drop of joy transforms oceans of anger, fear and jealousy. Joy is the ability to feel the essence of your own divinity. When you are in your joy, not only are you experiencing the divine, you truly are divine.

Joy transforms the lower expressions of anger, fear and jealousy into their higher expressions of concern, courage and obsession. I use “obsession” in the positive sense of the word. It refers to the ability to be focused on your goal.

Joy is based in the heart center. Locate your joy and bring it to all aspects of your life. When you are in the midst of a joyous act, such as a walk in nature, the company of your friends or a beautiful meal, experience the joy fully. Allow the joy to fill your soul. Once your mind, body and spirit are filled with this joyous act, let the event fall away and what you are left with is a heart filled with pure joy.

Take that joy to every aspect of your life. In a moment of fear, draw upon your joy and allow your concerns to be expressed. In a moment of anger or jealousy, draw on your joy and become filled with courage to take effective action.

When you understand joy, you won’t have to look at every single little detail in order to know what to do. At every given moment and on every subject, act upon your joy to the best of your ability.

What does this mean? If you look at all the options of things you could do, choose the one that invokes the most joy. Just because it invokes the most joy – that is the one you should do – you don’t need a reason why. It’s the joy that tells you the next thing you should do.

Read – write – work – watch a movie – go to the park – take a nap, it is the joy in the simple things that tell you whether or not they are connected to the bigger things that will bring you joy. Following the joy will actually get you to the bigger things that excite you on the shortest, fastest and straightest path.

Simply look at the options available and choose the option, which invokes the most joy at that moment. The choice however, needs to be something that you have the best ability to take action upon. If the choice invokes joy and is within your ability – do it.

When you reach a point that you can no longer take action on that thing, look for the next thing that invokes the most joy, and which you have the greatest ability to take action on, even if it doesn’t seem connected to anything else, do it because the joy tells you that it is connected.

With that bit of understanding, reading about joy should be on your daily things to do list, because each time you read this article, not only will your “joy” increase, but also your “understanding” of joy and how to maintain the “state” of joy.

By practicing this, you will become more sensitive to and better able to choose what brings you joy. Joy is found within itself and is its own driving engine. Joy brings with itself more joy, along with everything you need to consider, in the process of continuing and expanding your joy.

Whatever doesn’t come with joy has no business taking up time in your life. If you want the passion, the vibration and the love that is your true natural self, then every time you take a step toward joy, you are taking a step toward your true natural self.

The more you trust life and work within this realm, the more you will see an ecstatic explosion of realizing the things in life that you want. Believing is seeing and the more you are willing to demonstrate that you are all about joy, the more that the universe will reflect that back to you.

Joy and happiness both can be defined as gladness, delight, and pleasure in something. The difference is happiness has an external cause. When circumstances are favorable and delightful, people are naturally happy, but when events take a downward turn, so often do their spirits.

Joy, on the other hand, has an internal cause and is not dependent upon outside conditions. It is a reflection of God within and is a fruit of the Spirit.

It has been said that in the 3rd dimension we are beings of emotion. In the 3rd dimension, we use emotions to attract the things that we want and need. This requires a tremendous amount of focus, as the higher emotions must first be drummed up. Perhaps even more difficult, the higher emotions must be maintained, because the moment something happens that allows the lower emotions to enter in, the creative process is broken.

Emotion is a vibration of the heart. Joy is a high vibration that creates more joy. The opposite vibration of joy is sadness and anger, which also creates more of the same. From a Biblical perspective, we would say, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

There are higher dimensions and in the 5th dimension we learn to be masters of frequency. In this dimension we do “not” use emotions to create frequencies; instead we use frequencies to create emotions.

Frequencies exist all around us. In much the same way that you can tune a radio to tap into existing frequencies, you can tune your heart receiver to the frequency of joy and you can start working in the 5th dimension today.

Here is a simple exercise and as you do it, rather than thinking about the frequency of joy, take a breath and simply feel the vibration of joy as it enters your heart. If you find your mind trying to get involved with feeling the frequency, say the word “clear”.

If thoughts and colors come into your mind that is okay; what is important is feeling the frequencies first. So as you inhale, receive the frequency of joy. Then as you exhale, move the frequency of joy throughout your entire being. This is where you must also trust and believe that the frequency of joy exists outside of you and is available to you any time you want to tap into it.

You may go through a clearing process in which the remaining lower emotions try to surface. They may begin to vibrate, which will draw your attention to them. If this happens, your frequency will begin to dip and you will have to remember to tune your heart to receiving the frequency of joy and inhale that frequency from the external ether. Move this frequency to the extremities of your body as you exhale. Each time you do this, you will notice that your joy grows stronger and stays longer.

By changing your frequency, you don’t need to change your thinking because your thoughts will automatically change and your mind will take care of itself. This is what it means to “work from the inside out”.

You may have been concerned about what you can do to experience joy. It’s not about doing any longer; it’s about holding states of being and in doing so you must be very clear with your language, your thoughts, your emotions, and your frequencies.

Never say, “I’m not going below the level of joy,” because in using the power of creation, negatives are not recognized and such a statement will actually put you below the state of joy. You can however say, “I now have the frequency of Joy.”

Ask those in your circle of influence to help you out by reminding you whenever you say something negative. They can even make a game of it by chiding you whenever they catch you being negative. The point is, the more you stay on track – the faster you will achieve and remain at your desired vibration.

The Bible says, “Man is that he might have joy.” If you took a moment to practice the foregoing exercise, you will already feel the joy that is now vibrating in your heart.

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