Iron Poisoning

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Too Much Iron Could Be Killing You

Why do women tend to outlive men by roughly five to six years? There’s a handful of reasons one of them is iron. Women lose iron each month until they go into menopause. Men accumulate excess iron typically starting about age eighteen. However, with so many foods now being fortified with iron, iron poisoning today is epidemic and too much iron causes a multitude of diseases.

What you have been told about blood iron levels is not the truth. Iron toxicity creates problems for millions of unsuspecting people, rich and poor, male and female and even for our pets.

Not understanding and preventing the destructive effect of too much iron (Iron Poisoning) in the body is perhaps the greatest blunder of current medical thinking and practice. If you want to avoid the BIG FIVE (arthritis, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular problems and kidney disease), you need to keep your blood iron (ferritin) levels very low.

When blood iron levels remain elevated for an extended period of time, metabolism is disrupted and suffering becomes a way of life. Sooner or later, iron overload is everyone’s problem.

Claudius Galen & The Four Humors

The Greek physician, Claudius Galen taught that four ‘humors’ (four types of body fluids) were responsible for four personality types and four ‘states’ of illness: melancholic, phlegmatic, sanguine and choleric. This erroneous theory dominated medical thinking for roughly 1600 years.

Louis Pasteur advanced the Germ Theory of Disease in the middle 1800s, replacing Galen’s Humor Theory. Unfortunately, the Germ Theory was equally faulty, but medicine needed a new boogeyman and GERMS served that purpose!

The Germ Theory remains the ‘standard’ to this day despite solid evidence that the theory ‘IS’ flawed! Germs do exist and it is impossible to escape contact with them, but they will only cause harm to the human organism when there is a fertile terrain in which they can multiply. Germs are controlled by the terrain they live in. Bechamp said, “The terrain controls; the microbes, they are nothing.” — and he was correct.

Making Sense of Your Serum Ferritin Test Score

Equally flawed is the interpretation of iron (ferritin) blood levels. The normal range of ferritin blood iron is 11 to 450 ng/ml. How can normal be anywhere between 11 & 450?

Answer:  “It can’t! Lab interpretation of normal is the equivalent of Galen’s ‘four humors!’  Normal is not what your doctor thinks it is.  The ideal ferritin iron level is ‘11’.

So, if your score is 77, you are seven times high. If your score is 220, you are 20 times high, and so on. It is common to see test results between 200 to over 1,000. The higher the score, the greater your risk of poor health, disease and premature death.

Ferritin levels rise with age, and with it, chronic inflammation. High ferritin level is central to all disease—including CANCER!

Cancer, bacteria and viruses “require” iron in order to grow, and the iron they need is supplied from excess ferritin iron circulating in the blood. In other words, infection is made possible by excess iron in the system, making iron level a critical element of terrain management.

We now know that terrain controls your genes and DNA through the epigenome which is a direct reflection of diet and lifestyle. The epigenome determines inheritance, not your genes and DNA and iron overload distorts the epigenome.

Terrain management is central to good health and longevity, and your blood iron level is a very effective way of managing the body’s terrain.

Anemia: The Other Side of The Story

Anemia is a condition of low hemoglobin, NOT low ferritin iron. If you have low red blood cell count, you will have low hemoglobin, low energy and limited ability to transport oxygen.

Unfortunately, most professionals are confused about ‘normal’ blood iron levels. Often, they blame low energy on low iron, when exactly the opposite is true.

What the medical establishment considers to be ‘normal’ blood ferritin is the average range seen among a population of sick people; nothing more.  Anemia has little to do with iron poor blood and EVERYTHING to do with why people and pets suffer and age prematurely.

The problem with the ‘iron deficiency model’ is that consuming ‘iron’ does NOT improve hemoglobin. For example, iron fortified food is a VERY BAD IDEA that drives-up ferritin levels and inflammation while doing nothing for anemia. And the higher your ferritin level, the faster you will age.

A dangerous new trend in athletic coaching is ‘iron loading’ promoted under the grossly mistaken idea that more iron = more energy, more oxygen, endurance and speed. Athletes young and old taking iron supplements will reap a bitter harvest from this misguided practice.

Tip: For low hemoglobin or so-called, anemia, use ShopFreeMart Pure Copper Concentrate and liquid chlorophyll to boost hemoglobin formation and oxygen levels. Copper is a necessary constituent of hemoglobin and excess iron depletes copper in the body. Chlorophyll is also an excellent blood builder. Chlorophyll is to plants what hemoglobin is to humans.  Chlorophyll so closely resembles human blood that it can be substituted for blood transfusions when blood is unavailable.

Iron’s Many Costumes & Multiple Personalities

Heme iron found in red meats is a healthy form of dietary iron, as also is iron from fresh green vegetables. Healthy iron is NOT free elemental iron—and it does NOT show up as excess ferritin iron, either!

Heme iron is a hemoprotein that your body manufactures so your blood can transport oxygen. Animals also make hemoprotein and therefore, heme iron can be derived from eating healthy, red meat. Heme iron is very different than fortified elemental iron found in processed foods that is poisoning everyone’s bodies.

You need a certain amount of heme iron along with iodine, selenium, zinc, cortisol, progesterone, and glutathione to convert t4 into t3 thyroid hormone.

About 80% of the thyroid hormone that’s made by the thyroid gland is what’s called t4, but the active form is t3. So the body has to convert from t4 to t3 and that conversion requires heme iron, iodine, selenium, zinc, cortisol, progesterone, and glutathione.

If you are missing any one of these you can’t convert t4 to t3. Instead you make another fake hormone called reverse t3 that doesn’t work. Then, of course, the most common thing that doctors do with people who are diagnosed with hypothyroidism is to put them on a pill containing nothing but t4.

Ferritin iron is different from heme iron. It is a different hemoprotein. Ferritin functions as an iron storage molecule which the body makes to store incoming fortified elemental iron in order to minimize its destructive nature. Think of ferritin as a damage control molecule.

Your ferritin score measures ‘bound’ iron circulating in your blood. Ferritin prevents elemental iron from oxidizing and making free radicals that damage the body. However, as ferritin levels rise, the greater the risk to the body’s terrain.

Note: ferritin levels rise with age because the body must store more and more incoming iron. Women enjoy a 25 year advantage over men because of menstrual blood loss which reduces ferritin iron.

Elemental fortified iron in formula and baby food destroys the immune system of babies and makes them more susceptible to all manners of illness, including the dangerous effects of vaccines, like autism. An overload of iron in pregnant mothers can lead to sudden death syndrome as well as irreversible damage from vaccines, etc.

Think of free elemental iron as rust on your car. Iron is poisonous! Yet, by law, the food supply is heavily loaded with it. So much so, that it is impossible to avoid fortified, dietary iron.

The solution to the iron dilemma is obvious: REDUCE your ferritin iron level.

Symptoms & Side Effects of Iron Overload & Iron Poisoning

Brain function: Iron overload is a BIG FACTOR in the formation of brain plaques; iron definitely drives cognitive and neurological disorders. Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia, brain-fog and memory loss all involve progressive iron toxicity.

Lung issues such as, COPD, pneumonia and mesothelioma are inflammatory, autoimmune responses made possible and made worse by the condition of iron overload.

Wrinkled skin is a sign of iron poisoning. The body stores iron beneath skin when there is no other place to store it and keep it far away from the vital organs. Aging skin and iron toxicity belong in the same sentence.

Skin cancer is not the product of sun exposure. Iron stored beneath the skin sets the stage and insulin/leptin resistance and chronic inflammation trigger the process. If skin cancer is your concern, think excess iron.

Elevated liver enzymes and fatty liver are confirmations of degraded iron metabolism and insulin/leptin resistance. Terrain controls all things including your liver. To restore your liver, see the Tissue & Liver Protocol.

Fluoride and iron are both oxidizers! Avoid anything containing fluoride, including many medications. Fluoride and iron are ubiquitous; they drive premature aging and endless suffering. To get rid of fluoride already resident in your body, ask for guidance.

Prostate and bladder infections occur due to elevated ferritin, elevated blood sugar and chronic inflammation. Yeast requires iron and sugar to grow. What the medical establishment considers to be ‘normal’ blood sugar levels are 20-50 points too high; meaning, those not yet diabetic, are pre-diabetic.

Migraine headaches are a symptom, never a cause. Migraines involve iron overload, insulin/leptin resistance, sluggish bowel, and a compromised intestinal tract.

Vision problems such as: glaucoma and macular degeneration, plus hearing loss and ringing ears—are made worse by elevated ferritin iron, insulin/leptin resistance and chronic inflammation. These problems are terrain issues and iron is in the middle of all of them!

Low ATP output by dysfunctional mitochondria involves iron poisoning. Excess iron shortens DNA telomeres that control how many times cells divide before they die.  Deal with iron overload instead of fretting over your telomeres issues makes more sense!

Fatty tumors (lipomas) precede cancer; do NOT ignore them! Lipoma formation requires iron, a compromised liver and insulin/leptin resistance (pre-diabetes). Fatty tumors are a sign of a TERRAIN in serious trouble and should not be ignored.

More iron maladies: Iron overload affects cataracts, fibromyalgia, adrenal burn-out, female and male sexual hormones, fungal overgrowth, chronic fatigue, cellulite, gluten intolerance, obesity, loss of eyebrows, hair and hair color.

In the case of extreme blood loss, it could be possible to have iron deficiency anemia requiring iron supplementation.

Another type of anemia is what is termed nutritional deficiency anemia, resulting from a deficiency of vitamin B12 or folic acid. In those cases you would need to supplement with vitamin B12 or folic acid, not with iron. These vitamins actually cause red blood cells to become very large.

Anemia can also result from having cancer or an enlarged spleen. There are also what are termed genetic anemia, like hemolytic anemia. This would include sickle-cell anemia and there is also another form called thalassemia or Mediterranean anemia, in which one of the molecules of hemoglobin isn’t well formed. The result is that the red blood cells increase in numbers, but are very tiny and have relatively low level of hemoglobin. The genetic part of these anemias could be iron poisoning of an entire family.

The importance of understanding these conditions, because if your doctor gives you iron to compensate for it, it can actually make you much worse and it can actually even kill you prematurely. In fact the vast majority of people are harmed when given iron, rather than being helped.

When you have more than enough iron to satisfy the requirements of your hemoglobin molecules for distributing oxygen throughout your body, anything over that amount is going to be a surplus and iron is a very potent oxidant stressor. Excess iron causes very dangerous free radicals in your body that will oxidize and cause significant damage in your tissues. It will also increase your risk of heart disease and cancer, among other things and will also damage your DNA.Excess iron can also relate to a lot of neurological diseases. You definitely want to avoid oxidative stress caused by too much iron.

Unfortunately, many of us have too much iron. If you are not a woman who is menstruating every month, you are slowly building up stores of iron.

And you need to be aware that the kind of iron they use to fortify baby foods and formulas, flour-based products, breads, pasta, breakfast cereals and who knows what else, is poisonous and leads to numerous diseases. Iron is especially toxic for men as it frequently settles in the prostate and causes prostatitis. It also causes hemochromatosis in men, women and children. So you need to read your labels and eliminate all known sources of iron fortification.

Decades ago, men accumulated excess iron starting at about age eighteen and women after menopause. However, with so many foods being fortified with iron, today even babies could have an overload.

Another important topic for both men and women, approximately one out of every five people or 20% have a gene mutation called C 28 to Y homozygous and this causes your liver to hoard iron. An overload of iron in the liver creates the opportunity for vascular disease or micro vascular disease, increasing your likelihood to produce spider veins, varicose veins hemorrhoids and other things that you don’t want.

Iron also fuels the growth of bad bacteria, compromising the ability of phagocytes to kill microorganisms, increasing your susceptibility to infections, as well as the occurrence of cancer and other diseases.

Some of the benefits of removing excess iron include reducing growth of bacteria, reducing arterial inflammation, which is by the way caused by bacteria, which is the major underlying causes of cardiovascular disease. And you might be interested to know that women really don’t have much risk of heart attack until they reach menopause, simply due to the fact that too
much iron is a big factor in the cause of heart attacks.

There are also studies that show that healthy males benefit from reducing their iron levels because it reduces oxidative stress, which means fewer free radicals. A group of 1277 men and postmenopausal women ranging in ages from 43 to 87 all diagnosed with peripheral artery disease were divided into two groups. One of which underwent phlebotomy or blood donation. The other group received no treatment.

The control group donated one unit of blood every six months for six years and upon conclusion of the study it was found that individuals aged 43 to 61 who underwent this blood donation or blood phlebotomy experienced a 54 percent reduction in death rates from all causes.

Additionally, the phlebotomy group experienced a 57 percent reduction in death from non-fatal heart attacks and strokes. Other studies show that carotid atherosclerosis of the arteries in the neck is also positively associated with blood ferritin levels. In other words the higher the iron level in your blood, the higher level of neck artery occlusion or blockages that are found. Bottom line, donating blood can increase your lifespan.

Copper Deficiency and Iron Poisoning

When copper is deficient or depleted, iron retention is 95-100%. Iron then replaces copper in the blood and tissue proteins, accumulating in multiple locations of the body, causing accelerated aging and death. Most if not all symptoms, diseases and conditions are indications of iron poisoning, which in turn is caused by a deficiency of bio-available copper. 

Too much iron can affect different organs, causing hemorrhage, internal bleeding, CANCER,   DEMENTIA,   HEART and CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE,   DIABETES,   LUNG DISEASE (C.O.P.D.),   GASTROINTESTINAL DISEASE,   BLOOD DISORDERS and EYE DISEASE, only to name a few of the major iron related symptoms.  People with increased amounts of iron, for example, hemochromatosis, are more susceptible to bacterial infections. So if you want to defend against bacterial infection, you must control iron levels.

Copper is the mineral that helps remove excess iron from the body, so bio-available copper must be replenished to keep iron mobilized so that it can be removed from the body. ShopFreeMart Pure Copper Concentrate is the copper supplement that I use and recommend. Copper is also necessary for repairing DNA damage, restoring health and longevity.

It is estimated that 95% of the population is iron poisoned and copper deficient.

Iron, along with other metals and chemicals are being added to our food and water supply. Iron fortification of foods is not only poisoning people, but it also reduces supplies of copper in the body. Radiation from cell towers, cell phones and other sources vibrate blood proteins, breaking off the loosely bound iron accelerating iron deposition & vascular damage.

Vaccines contain nano-particle size parasites, termed “viruses” that thrive and replicate in the presence of iron. They also contain an adjuvant that depletes copper in the body. Genetically damaged (GMO foods) are also designed to increase iron levels and decrease copper levels in the body.

Mercury, although not specifically listed in the USDA Food Supply Nutrient schedules, was added to the food and water supply and other sources in greater quantities starting in 1996.
Whistle blowers have reported that this is being done to stimulate the synthesis and malformation of toxic proteins that result in inflammation and destroy the blood and blood vascular system, thereby making people sick, shortening lifespans and greatly increasing revenues of the drug and medical industries.

These poisons have altered and damaged the DNA of the blood vascular system and other tissues of the body. Iron poisoning has caused a copper deficiency passing down through the generations.

Starting in 1996, the copper depletion rate was significantly increased and coincides with the onslaught of increased amounts of copper depleted GMO foods, metals, chemicals, wireless technology, increasing prevalence of diseases, weakened immune systems, decreasing birth rate, increasing death rate, accelerated aging, etc.

Each dose of vaccine implants nano particle-size parasites and viruses into the body that thrive and multiply in any host that has iron deposits and copper deficiency. For this reason, adjuvants and preservatives are added to the vaccine to block the action of the immune system by purposely depleting copper in the liver. This is purposely done to prevent the destruction of the pathogens introduced into the body by the vaccines.

This results in an increased rate of synthesizing abnormal toxic proteins; the consequences being a damaged vascular system, defective blood supply, inflammation, secondary bacterial infections, lesions, degeneration, fibrosis, tumors, CANCER and more.

When a healthy body is invaded by pathogens and viruses, copper is mobilized from the liver in order to neutralize and destroy them. However, copper cannot be produced within the body and hence needs to be sourced from external food sources. In order to enjoy health benefits of copper, it must be included in the diet. ShopFreeMart Pure Copper Concentrate supplement is what I personally use and recommend.

Copper is the mineral that maintains a nearly Neutral Blood pH. Blood must maintain a narrow pH of 7.365. This is so critical that if blood pH drops to 6.365 you will die. As copper is depleted, blood pH deviates further from 7.00, accumulation of iron and other metals accelerates, and lifespan decreases.

Outside of Hemochromatosis, Diabetes is the only officially recognized disease linked to iron poisoning (too much iron.) According to documentation, diabetes is associated to a blood pH of approximately 6.8.

Copper is also essential in forming normal proteins, (amino acid sequences), in proper quantities, as a neutral pH has the proper concentration of hydrogen for forming the bonds in healthy protein synthesis.

The year 1996 is when the copper depletion rate noticeably increased, indicated by increases in diabetes and other disease prevalence, in addition to reduced birth numbers. Gestational age has also decreased significantly between 1990 and 2005. The normal gestation of 40+ weeks has dropped to 37-39 weeks, due to increased amounts of iron, coupled with severe copper deficiency being passed on to the fetus. A shorter gestational life does not indicate a normal healthy birth rate.

The year 1996 also coincides with the onslaught of High Fructose Corn Syrup which is known to contain mercury, a powerful poison that obliterates copper stores.  Mercury is known to reduce birth numbers, spontaneous abortions, stillbirths, congenital malformations, infertility, and inhibition of ovulation.

Iron Poisoning and Diabetes

Let’s take a look at diabetes and iron levels. Phlebotomy or blood donation has been shown to reduce blood glucose or triglycerides and fibrinogen levels, while increasing high density lipoprotein or the good cholesterol, and in animal research, iron reduction by chelation or dietary restriction reduced arterial plaque lesions.

Excess iron was found to damage the kidneys and brain tissue and in a Finnish study of men who donated a single unit of blood within the previous three years they found a 30% reduction in cardiovascular disease risk.

Now fortunately there’s a simple way that you can screen for this and it’s one of the most important preventative tests that everyone should have on a regular basis. It’s called a serum ferritin test. Ferritin is a protein carrier molecule that transports iron to the tissues that require it. If ferritin levels are low, then your iron levels are low.

If your iron levels are high, then your ferritin levels go really high. Ferritin levels should run somewhere between 11 and 20. If you’re ferritin levels are below 11, then you are iron deficient. Above 20 and you have an excess of iron. Ferritin can go higher than 1,000, but anything above 80 begins to damage DNA. This can result in permanent damage to organs, like the pancreas for example leading to both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. If caught early enough, repair of damaged DNA is possible. That is the reason why you should periodically test ferritin levels.

Iron poisoning can be a very serious problem and fortunately, the solution to lowering your iron levels is relatively simple it’s called blood donation. Most of us can do that and there’s no charge. Simply go to a blood donor center and they are happy to receive your blood, unless of course you have had an illness that prevents you from donating blood. In that case you need to see a physician who can write a prescription for a therapeutic phlebotomy where your blood is deposed of after being extracted.

If you use the last option, you can choose to remove perhaps 8 oz. at a time instead of a pint. Removing a pint can make you tired for a couple of days. However, by removing a smaller amount each time, you would have to do it more often, which would increase the cost of getting it done.

Dr. Mercola says, “The average person is going to require from two to twelve per year, depending on their ferritin levels.” Interestingly, getting ferritin levels down is one of the primary factors in many types of liver diseases, especially hepatitis C. In fact many people who appear to have Hepatitis C, actually have an iron overload and when you lower ferritin levels the hepatitis C will frequently improve dramatically.

For those who struggle with what appears to be iron deficiency anemia, it could actually be a copper deficiency. I suggest that you start supplementing with copper before supplementing with iron. But, if you discover that you do need iron, the best source is humanely raised, organic red meat. But, you need stomach acid in order to absorb iron, so you may need to take a tablet with HCL / hydrochloric acid or perhaps take some apple cider vinegar prior to eating the red meat.

WARNING: Those who are taking iron supplements, especially multiples for children, you want to stay away from ferrous sulfate. Ferrous sulfate is a relatively toxic inorganic metal that can lead to some serious health problems and certainly one of the biggest ones is overdose. There are a number of cases, unfortunate tragedies where kids die every day from overdosing on these things. They develop iron toxicity and often times they aren’t able to be recovered when taken to the emergency room.

If you can’t eat red meat, I would opt for supplementing with carbonyl iron. I am not aware of any reports of overdose or toxicity from carbonyl iron. However, carbonyl iron is only absorbed at the rate that gastric acid is produced. So if your stomach acid is low, you will have to take some form of acid to help it be absorbed.

The only way to know for sure if you need to take iron or dump iron is to get a serum ferritin test, but without the test, I would err on the side of caution and take ShopFreeMart Pure Copper Concentrate and chlorophyll before supplementing with iron.

I hope this information is helpful and if you are facing some challenges that you can’t quite get on top of, you may consider getting a screening to check for excessive iron in your blood and it’s one of those things that is easy to treat by taking some extra copper and donating some blood.

So hopefully you can spread this information around because more people need to know about it and unfortunately many physicians aren’t even aware of this type of information and don’t tend to recommend it to their patients when they do, so hopefully you’ll use it as one of the ways that you and your family can take control of your health.

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