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Garlic can be taken many ways. It is well known that garlic helps the liver, helps blood pressure, improves oxygen saturation, disinfects the body, destroys parasites and generally creates conditions that would be favorable to healing just about anything.

Garlic is a good absorbent of toxins. Normally, we take garlic oil, eat pressed garlic or roasted garlic or take it dried and powdered in a supplement. These are all fine, and work well as many of us know. In these cases, the garlic is absorbed rather quickly from the GI tract and goes throughout the body and does its work in the next few hours. After that, just the sulfur remains and that also has a medicinal value because it helps with detoxification and provides the body dietary sulfur.

There is a way however, to get the garlic to absorb toxins at the same time it disinfects and promotes liver detoxification and healing of the colon; the largest organ of detox next to the skin. This is done by keeping the garlic more or less intact and swallowing it like a pill. If the garlic cloves are large, they can be sliced into fairly large chunks, but small enough to swallow. If they are small, they can be nicked with a knife so that there can be exchange from inside to outside when they are in the stomach and GI tract.

Swallow enough garlic chunks to equal about 6-8 garlic capsules.

These pieces of garlic have a few advantages over their pressed or ground counter parts:

First, the garlic will be time-released, meaning that it will release fresh medicinal garlic the whole way through the GI tract so that even the lower colon gets the good stuff. This means that the full strength of garlic will be right up against the lower colon where so many pathogens typically live. It is also near the prostate for men and will benefit that area as well.

Secondly, the garlic will appear with a new medicinal power in absorbing toxins, poisons and heavy metals as it goes through. This heavy metal aspect is what first interested me. Garlic does a great job of absorbing and removing mercury and relieving the symptoms of mercury poisoning.

Because of this absorptive action, garlic also pulls poisons out of the liver. These poisons that appear when the liver is overloaded or toxic are one of the fundamental causes of cancer. The liver will detoxify and remove cancer cells them from the body fairly quickly when it is clean, but if it is already too toxic, it has to spend all of its energy just to detoxify itself, which allows the cancer to grow.

Thirdly, garlic will not overheat the body when taken in this form, while in any other form, garlic can overheat the body and cause exhaustion.

Now that we understand the function of garlic, let us talk about the poison factory. The liver is normally a poison processing plant. It cleans out all the worst stuff and neutralizes it for safe elimination. When it is dysfunctional and overloaded, however, the liver can become a metabolic poison factory. It can result in body-wide metabolic toxicity. Neurological and immune dysfunction, cancer and cysts, obesity and inflammation are just a few of the serious problems that can result. Cardiovascular problems and cholesterol abnormalities are certain.

With whole garlic chunks, we can absorb poisons that an overloaded liver otherwise could not process well. Meanwhile, we can also treat the liver. There are many approaches to this which we will discuss in other chapters.

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