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Flu is a virus. As the virus begins to multiply rapidly the body make produce a fever, which slows the growth of the virus and giving the immune system a better chance of combating the invaders. (See Fevers)

Colds and flu usually start in the ear canal. At the onset of a cold or flu, put 3 drops of silver in one ear and lie on your side for 6-10 minutes, then repeat in the other ear. Ninety percent of your symptoms will be wiped out by the next morning.

Taking 2-3 droppers of Pure Silver Concentrate 3x daily and spraying intra-nasally four or five times daily, will also help reduce congestion and inflammation.

Add ShopFreeMart Pure Silver Concentrate and purified water to an intra-nasal sprayer by mixing 3 droppers of Pure Silver Concentrate for each ounce of purified water that you use and spray this mixture into the nose 4x to 5x daily or as often as is needed for congestion.

For those living, working, or traveling with someone who has the flu, spray Pure Silver Concentrate into the nose with an intra-nasal sprayer for prevention.

Using Pure Silver Concentrate as a mouth rinse, eardrops, eye drops, nose drops, and throat spray can also be helpful as well.

Gargling for several minutes with silver three times daily can help with the onset of the flu. Once the flu has set in, it is harder to combat, but taking silver at the first sign of illness, it can reduce symptoms to one to three days. Like treatment of the common cold, silver may best be a preventive treatment when dealing with the flu. Consider regular use of ShopFreeMart Pure Silver Concentrate during the flu season.

ShopFreeMart has antiviral properties as well as supplying nutrients that support a strong immune system.

See also Fevers and for Natural Home Remedy see Coronavirus.

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