Eye Health

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Regular use of ShopFreeMart products has been shown to support eye health. ShopFreeMart Pure Copper Concentrate, Vitalize, Siaga and Sugar-D can help improve the health of your blood and the tiny blood vessels that carry oxygen and nutrients to your eyes.

One drop of ShopFreeMart Pure Silver Concentrate can be put in each eye at the first sign of any irritation or infection to kill any disease causing microbes you may have come into contact with.

Magnesium and Boron taken together help to keep calcium mobile, which may help prevent calcification of the lens of the eye. I personally use ShopFreeMart Pure Mag Concentrate and D-Cal Boron to supply these two important minerals.

This may sound sound distasteful, but fresh urine is one of the most soothing, refreshing and healing things that you can use to bathe the eyes. Look it up online and you will find that Murine is mare’s urine.

Collect a small amount of fresh urine in a cup and fill an eye cup for washing your eyes. If you don’t have an eye cup, fill the cup of your hand with urine over a sink and put your face down into your palm with your eye and blink several times. Don’t worry if you get some on your face because fresh urine is perfectly sterile and is also a good tonic for your skin. Many people make a frequent habit of washing their face, neck, hands and arms with urine, although few of them are brave enough to admit it in public.

Orange and yellow vegetables like carrots and squash have important eye nutrients and should be a regular part of a healthy diet.

Aspartame is a major cause of eye diseases. We found that some physicians, who believed that they had a patient with retinopathy, in fact, had symptoms caused by Aspartame. (See Aspartame)

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