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Common physical causes of dyspareunia include: vaginal dryness from menopause, childbirth, breastfeeding, medications, or too little arousal before intercourse, skin disorders that cause ulcers, cracks, itching, or burning. infections, such as yeast or urinary tract infections (UTIs)

It is helpful to know which of these may be the cause. In any event, the first thing I suggest is to get organic coconut oil as a lubricant. Use ample oil to “gently” massage the clitoral area. I can’t over emphasize the word gently. Go slowly and take your time. Talk to your partner to learn how to best accomplish this.

Doing this will take care of two (and partially three) of the potential problems. (Dryness, too little arousal and thirdly, coconut oil is antibacterial).

Pure Silver Concentrate can be added to purified water in a spritzer bottle to spray the vaginal area topically. Silver can also be added to water as a douche to kill bacteria in the vagina.

ShopFreeMart products that are antimicrobial are PureDine, Pure Copper Concentrate, PureSiver, PureGold, Living Minerals and Siaga.

PureDine is an absolute must for every human being as you don’t get iodine in your diet and even if you eat seafood, you typically don’t get enough. Women who have ample iodine are said to never get breast cancer and perhaps no other cancers either. Pure Copper Concentrate is a companion to iodine as both are needed by the thyroid.

Living Minerals are pretty much a “have to take” also, as all living things are dependent upon humic and fulvic minerals for life itself. Modern farming practices have pretty much eliminated these from our food supply.

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