Breathing Exercises

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Here is some exciting breakthrough news regarding Cancer and all other diseases. This information is in regards to Oxygen and how you can quickly have 12 times more Oxygen going through your bloodstream and reaching every cell in your body. This was scientifically documented at a major University in Utah.

As I have pointed out in talking about the “cause” of disease in other topics on this website, diseases cannot exist in the presence of high levels of Oxygen.

To preface what I am about to tell you, I have a doctor friend who now lives out of the country because his life was being threatened as a result of the amazing recoveries his patients were experiencing. He had a clinic in Arizona where he treated people from all over the country.

His latest and most effective therapy was in combining together enough Oxygen Generators to produce ten cubic feet of oxygen per minute. (Less than this amount did not produce results) He had his patients breathe pure oxygen deeply while exercising for fifteen minutes. Note: There are some dangers, so do not try this without the help of someone who is trained in this kind of therapy.

Typically, these patients saw immediate improvement and within two weeks, many diseases had completely disappeared along with their associated pain and he told me that his patients were starting to look like they had received a face lift. This therapy however, was rather costly and people had to physically visit his office in order to use it. Now they have to travel outside of the country in order to take this therapy, which many people still do.

I tried this myself, but then I found something that costs nothing and actually works better. I was introduced to this new method by another friend who is a scientist, exercise physiologist, certified trainer, nutritionist and natural healer. She is the founder and developer of this method of breathing, which provides all of the benefits that the patients of my doctor friend were receiving and even more. This is a 5-minute therapy that can be done once daily (or multiple times for faster results) in the comfort of your own home and you will start seeing results starting the very first day.

For example, one 95 year old Cancer patient was curled up in a fetal position in excruciating pain and was so close to death that her eyes were glazed over. She needed helped to even start the therapy, but she began responding with the very first treatment. Within 2 weeks she was up taking care of herself and went on to experience a full recovery.

This therapy was tested independently by scientists at the University of Utah. The published reports say that people who are overweight will experience 21x the weight loss they would receive as a result of intensive weight training. This therapy was shown to burn as much as 7,000 calories in one workout. One person lost seven pounds from one session because of the increased calorie burn over a 24-hour period.

On the other hand, many people, including some cancer patients need to gain weight. This therapy will build 6x more lean muscle and also increase bone density faster than intensive weight training. People who have tried to gain weight without success can now see muscle tissue and weight return to normal.

Those suffering from Osteoporosis and weak bones will also see their bone density and strength return.

Users of this exercise have said that it completely eliminated Cancer, Leukemia, Emphysema, COPD, Asthma, Sleep Apnea, Chronic Pain, completely regenerate blackened smokers lung, made them look and feel years younger, gave them instant and lasting energy and made them sleep better.

This therapy also produces 12x more flexibility than Yoga and Martial Arts Training. But what is most exciting to many people is the fact that it takes away wrinkles and makes you look and feel years younger. I believe that the “youthing” effect is due to the fact that this therapy naturally increases and balances the body’s hormone levels.

Another important thing is how quickly this exercise produces endorphins. Endorphins are endogenous opioid peptides that function as neurotransmitters. They are produced by the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus in vertebrates during exercise and they resemble opiates in their ability to produce analgesia and a feeling of well-being.

These brain chemicals bring feelings of calmness and tranquility and are natural pain killers. They help increase circulation; help the body to heal faster and give and overall sense of well-being. Endorphins also give you a sense of power and control over problems and situations.

The endorphin rush that is experienced from long distance running and aerobic workouts is greatly desirable, so much so that millions of people perform strenuous physical exercises daily to achieve what is commonly referred to as the “runners high.”

With one simple exercise, you can produce more endorphins in 5-minutes than you can produce in 5-miles of running. The beauty is you can do this exercise anytime you feel like you need a boost in energy, mental clarity or control over some problem.

If you fully understood the benefits of endorphins alone, you would take the necessary few minutes each day to perform this workout.

Oxygen is the spark of life and just as a fire can’t burn without oxygen, our cells can’t produce heat and energy without oxygen. Oxygen is extracted from the air we breathe by the lungs. It passes into the blood vessels that surround the lungs and is carried to all the cells of the body by the blood. Most of the oxygen is carried by the red blood cells, although the water in the blood carries some of it and a deficiency of water means reduced oxygen delivery by the blood. Oxygen is so important, that even where optimum water, protein, vitamin and mineral intake exists, ill health will still exist if there is an oxygen deficiency.

Oxygen levels in the atmosphere are believed to have been as high as 50% at one time. Today the oxygen level is about 20% and will continue to drop as major rain forests continue to be cut down and reduced oxygen levels are a major cause of disease.

Unfortunately most people breathe shallowly and under-breathing is epidemic among adults, which is another major cause of oxygen deficiency in adults.

Shallow breathing is often related to stress, and tight clothing coupled with a lifetime of rushing to and fro, sitting hunched over desks and working or playing on computers produces stress.

The mechanics of breathing determines oxygen supply. Shallow chest breathing gives rise to oxygen deficiencies, as there are very few blood vessels surrounding the upper lobes of the lungs. Most of the blood vessels are found in the lower lobes of the lung, so deep, abdominal breathing is the answer to optimum oxygen levels.

Babies don’t chest breathe. They are so relaxed that they breathe easily and deeply and their tummies rise and fall to the rhythm of their breathing. Shallow chest breathing is a bad habit we develop as we move towards adulthood; however it’s a habit that can easily be unlearned by practicing deep breathing exercises and by slowing down.

If you want to burn lots of calories or build muscle, then you will want to combine some form of strenuous exercise or weight training with the breathing exercises.

You may think that you need a video or a coach to show you how to do these exercises correctly, but that is not the case. You will however want to read the following section again before doing the exercises the next time, because you will pick up little points each time you read these instructions that will improve the results you will receive.

To get the feeling of how to breathe correctly, lay flat on your back and imagine a nose connected to the back of your spine directly opposite, or slightly below your belly button. Put one hand on your chest and the other hand on your abdomen. Imagine breathing in through the nose connected to your spine and then take a large breath as quickly as you can. Your abdomen should rise, but your chest should not move.

Practice breathing in this manner until it becomes natural and until you can do so without a lot of mental effort.

You can actually do the breathing part sitting on a chair with your back erect; however you will burn a lot more calories if you add some muscle burn to the breathing. You can combine the breathing with any kind of strenuous exercise, but perhaps the best exercise for the largest number of people is what we call the “horse stance” in martial arts. (In my younger years, I owned my own karate dojo and was a martial arts instructor.)

The horse stance exercises the largest muscle group in the legs and burns a lot of calories quickly. A person, for example, that is practiced in Tai Chi can go outside, scantily dressed in cold weather and by simply standing in a horse stance will soon have sweat rolling off their brow.

To begin with, stand with your feet shoulder width (or slightly more) apart. Your feet should be parallel or even slightly pigeon toed. Next lower your butt toward the floor as if you were sitting on a horse. At all times keep your back straight, or in other words do not lean forward.

This is not a competition, so do what is comfortable for you. You will however quickly notice some burning sensation in your legs because you are exercising muscles you don’t normally use. Ignore the pain as it will pay some great dividends in the end. In time, you will be able to squat lower and burn more calories even faster.

While standing in the horse stance, exhale all of the air in your lungs. Again, you are going to be exercising some new muscles and with time these muscles will grow stronger, which means that you will increase the oxygen levels in your lungs and blood 24-hours a day.

After forcing out all of the air you can possibly exhale, imagine having been underwater for 3 minutes and you are about to expire and you finally get your head above water; you are going to suck in the air with all of the force you can muster. In this manner breathe in through your nose and fill the lungs to capacity. If you inhale with enough force, it will partially close off the nose opening and may even cause the nose to rattle, like a child snuffing his or her nose.

As you practice doing this daily, your lungs will grow much stronger and you will be able to inhale even more forcefully. The amount of force you use when inhaling is “directly” proportional to the amount of oxygen you will be putting into your blood stream. It is also proportional to the amount of endorphins your body will produce. If done correctly, you can produce more endorphins in 5-minutes of breathing than you can produce in a 5-mile run.

The endorphins produced by breathing will stay with you a lot longer, because when running, your body produces uric acid, which in less than two hours will neutralize all of the endorphins that you may have produced while running.

If you are suffering from any kind of pain, you will want all of the endorphins you can get, because not only are they a powerful pain killer, they also help the body to heal faster than any other natural substance.

Now your lungs are filled with every drop of air that you could possibly suck in. Hold your breath as long as you can. In the beginning, this may only be for a short time, but as your lungs grow stronger, your ability to hold longer will greatly increase. This is a sign that your lungs are growing much stronger.

When you are ready to exhale, press your lips tightly together, so as to make it more difficult to exhale. Now blow hard like you are blowing a trumpet or trying to blow up a balloon. When you have exhaled approximately one third of your air, open your mouth as wide as you can and force the remaining air out of your lungs.

Coughing while exhaling the last two thirds of the air from your lungs will also be helpful as it exercises your diaphragm and also strengthens your heart. Tighten every muscle in your lungs and abdomen and force out every drop of air that you possibly can. This will burn toxins and fat and get them out of your body faster than any other detox program and this form of detoxification will not make you sick the same as many others will.

Now that your lungs are completely empty, close off the mouth and nose and try to breathe in. This will create a vacuum in your lungs and when done correctly, you will notice that your diaphragm and the soft tissue around your Adam’s apple will cave in slightly from the vacuum created.

This vacuum will cause all kinds of toxins and gases to be pulled out of the surrounding tissues into the lungs, where they will be burned and exhaled on the succeeding cycle of breathing.

This completes one cycle of breathing and the goal is to work up to five complete cycles per session. If you are a beginner, you may want to stop at this point and just do one cycle at a time three or more times throughout the day. Just one set of five cycles will greatly increase oxygen to your blood and cells and step up your metabolism for faster weight gain. Those who are serious about improving health, losing weight or increasing muscle mass will to do three or more sets of these exercises daily.

After exhaling and holding your breath in a vacuum as long as you comfortably can, you can either rest by breathing normally for a few breaths, or you can go directly into the second cycle by breathing in to capacity with all of the force you can muster.

Beginners will find it difficult to go directly into the second cycle without resting, but as your lungs grow stronger, you will eventually be able to do 5 cycles in a row with no problem.

After completing the 5 cycles, you will have more oxygen in your blood than you have had for years. If you are an athlete in training or you just want to go to the next level in fitness or weight loss, you can at this time do your weight training, pushups, yoga, martial arts, etc. You will notice an increase in strength, repetitions, flexibility and endurance.

One person used this form of training to win first place in a triathlon without running, swimming or cycling as part of their preparation.


Stand in a horse stance

Exhale all of the air in your lungs through your mouth

Try to inhale with your nose and mouth sealed shut; this puts your lungs in a vacuum and draws toxins out of your blood even faster

Inhale to capacity with all of the force you can possibly muster

Hold as long as you comfortably can

Blow out the first third of your air through lips that are tightly held together

Open the mouth wide and force out all of the remaining air while coughing

Seal the airway and try to breathe in creating a vacuum

Hold as long as you comfortably can

Either relax and breathe normally for a short time or go directly into the second round of breathing exercise

Work up to five cycles per session

Repeat 3 or more times later in the day for maximum result

Many people will start coughing up a lot of phlegm, which is merely the body now getting enough oxygen to start the detoxification of the body. In time the lungs will clear up and other problems will also begin to disappear.

More oxygen in your blood will begin to turn around every single health challenge you might have because disease cannot live in the presence of oxygen. I helped over 1,000 people recover from cancer naturally and increasing oxygen levels was a major part of my program.

These exercises are an integral part of regaining and maintaining perfect health and should be practiced daily accompanied by proper diet, supplements and increased fluid intake in the form of pure water, because oxygen alone does not provide the other necessary building blocks that create a healthy, beautiful body. Oxygen only allows them to accomplish their individual roles within the cells.

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