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Bones can have a number of problems – breaks, infections, stoppage in the production of bone marrow and red blood cells – and pain is almost always associated with these problems. Pure Silver Concentrate liquid taken on a daily basis can help reduce the bacteria, virus, and mold within the system, thus reducing the impact on the bones.

ShopFreeMart Pure Silver Concentrate can help reduce the infection rate associated with broken bones or compound fractures, allowing the immune system to repair the bone much more quickly. ShopFreeMart Pure Magnesium may also be used. Most people have enough Calcium, but they are lacking Magnesium, which makes for much slower repair of breaks in bones.

Kidney disease includes conditions that decrease their ability to remove toxins and keep you healthy. Wastes can build to high levels in your blood, causing the overgrowth of bacteria and weak bones if not treated. See Kidney Disease

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