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When found on the skin, in the blood stream, in the intestines, or in the hair, bacteria cause countless diseases. When serious diseases are examined in the lab, every single one is found to be associated with the presence of pleomorphic bacteria or mold. These damage the immune function that normally protects the cell from foreign invaders. When bacteria or mold invade a cell, reducing immune protection, they allow toxins and contagions to enter the cell and damage the DNA, resulting in many serious diseases. Pure Silver Concentrate starts killing bacteria in as little as fifteen seconds. If you put Pure Silver Concentrate directly in contact with bacteria, the bacteria will usually be totally destroyed within six minutes. Some bacteria may take longer but all bacteria can be destroyed with regular use of Pure Silver Concentrate.

To stop disease-causing bacteria in its tracks, take 1-2 droppers of Pure Silver Concentrate 3x daily. That dose can be doubled or even tripled to fight an aggressive bacterial infection. Silver may be applied topically to any affected areas 4 or more times daily.

ShopFreeMart Pure Nature Nutrients contains immune-supporting nutrients and a healthy immune system is also important in the body’s fight against disease.

Siaga is antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-aging. The minerals in Siaga may play an active role in lengthening telemeres, production of stem cells, human growth hormone, DHEA, SOD, endorphins, and glutathione, which in turn supports a strong immune system and disease prevention. Siaga is also known for its antiviral benefits and ability to support a strong immune system, which is important for preventing and fighting viral infections.

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