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About the Author


I grew up on a dairy and pig farm in Idaho. By the age of three, I was gathering eggs, feeding chickens, giving grain to the cows while my father milked them and steering our 2-ton truck around the field in granny gear, while my father pitched hay to the cows.

Apparently pork and dairy did not agree with me and as a result I did not thrive physically while I was growing up. I contracted TB, which weakened my lungs and I had bouts of pneumonia once or twice every year. I was in constant pain and it wasn’t until years later that I learned why. Upon having full body x-rays a bone specialist told me that I had the worst case of childhood arthritis he had ever seen. Every bone in my body had been scarred from the arthritis.

In the early seventies, I entered into law school. One thing that influenced my decision be a lawyer was the fact that our farm bordered the Salmon River and each spring when the snow in the mountains started melting, it created condition called high-water which caused a great deal of our top soil to be washed down the river. For approximately seven straight years, my father had applied for permits to build a rock jetty at the top of his property to prevent this erosion.  Each year, he got a permit from the Idaho Fish and Game Department, but the Army Corps of Engineers refused to give him one. Finally, he appealed to one of our Congressmen who arranged a teleconference with the Army Engineers in which a verbal permit was obtained, with a promise of a written permit to follow shortly thereafter.

With only a few days before the expected high water which would prevent the work being done, my father hired a contractor to haul in some truck loads of large rocks to shore up the bank, consistent with the specified permit. However, the Army Corp did not send a permit as promised, but instead sued my father for $10,000 a day. That was a lot of money back then and if we lost, we would have lost the farm. The suit ensued long enough to reach a sum of over $10,000,000.

One day, by the grace of God, a Utah attorney was staking some mining claims near our farm and was in need of some short poles with which to stake them. As he was driving past our driveway, my father was cutting some poles to build a gate, so this attorney stopped and asked if he could buy some poles. When my father learned that this man was an attorney, he recounted what the Army Corps of Engineers was doing to him. The attorney said, that is exactly the kind of case that he specializes in. Furthermore, he said if he could get permission from the state of Idaho that he would represent my father pro-bono and when he won, would sue the Corps for millions of dollars and take a percentage of the proceeds. He did in fact win, but died in a car accident a few days before the actual dismissal. Had the Corps known that he died, it may have ended differently, but this one act was a testimony to me of what an honest attorney could do to help people who were being sued unfairly, I thought perhaps I could help others in the same fashion if I were to become an attorney.

As I was attending law school however, I happened to take an elective class in nutrition. I became absorbed in the idea that all of my health problems may be diet related. I spent so much time studying nutrition that my other classes suffered. It soon became apparent that I needed to change my major. As a result of my research and journalism since that time, I have not only completely turned my own health around, but I have been able to help thousands of other people live healthier and happier lives.

Something else that greatly impacted my life is network marketing. Winters were cold where we lived, sometimes reaching forty degrees below zero and lacking facilities that allowed us to milk cows year round, we only milked cows during spring, summer and fall, which left the better part of four months each year without a source of income.

My father got involved with network marketing to earn extra income and I followed suit at the age of fourteen. Jim Rohn, another Idahoan was promoting a company called Abunda Vita which I joined. Jim Rohn went on to become a world renowned author, speaker and motivator. I later became involved with a number of other well-known companies as well as others that did not last so long. 

I eventually rose to be the top producer of three companies and number two producer of two other companies. Four times I had my income taken away from me and finally I lost so much trust in the industry that I simply could not do it again. That is when I made the decision to start my own company.

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